Wanted: VHS Tapes/player

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  • Anyone got anything laying around? Pre recorded and home recorded. Can collect if London based.

  • My mates got a pro SVHS deck left I think... if you sort him a few cans you could have it probably, Newham area?
    Yeah he has.. one of these;

  • That’s some beast for sure, might be slightly overkill for what I was looking for. I will get back to you though might see if anyone else has anything more consumer oriented.

  • This isn't going to help either..I've got a really decent Sony Art Couture VHS player I'm looking to offload, but am in Derby...

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  • Don’t suppose it’s got a s-video output, can’t quite tell by the manual I found online.

    Long story short for more context on the matter, looking to digitise some old recorded blank tapes of U.K. tv I have and am also currently on the lookout for, I guess for archival purposes as most vhs’ at this point are either already binned or in the process of it. Personal interest but also to stick on the net for other likeminded folks. ( yes slightly obscure of a venture lol)

  • Had a check, no s-video out.

  • No worries, cheers for checking anyway!

  • I will check with my old man and get back to you .imagine he has a player , old videos . Are you taking any videos recorded off the tv ?

  • That’s perfect! Yeah absolutely pre-recorded and home recorded are great. Let me know what you find. Cheers

  • Ok . We will see . He worked for the bbc all his life , and we had a video recorder very early on . But he mag have binned it all ..

  • There’s always a chance of that! But sounds like it could be a great lot of media again assuming not in the tip ;)

  • Mid week bump if there’s anyone new reading!

  • I've got one you could borrow, but it's scart output only. E10

  • Very kind offer, not looking to borrow one currently as I don’t have anything pressing I need to scan in, but if I do get stuck I’ll let you know.

    Decided to follow up on @gojira54 ‘s lead so slightly more focused on looking for tapes now!

  • I've got 3 unused tapes in N8. Lmk if of interest

  • I should have specified that not currently looking for any blanks, though I’ll let you know if that changes! Out of interest they bog standard vhs or one of the other kinds I.e. s-vhs?

  • Negative from my dad. He got rid of all his vhs , although weirdly cannot remember doing it .

  • Are you after VHS tapes? I used to have a few Aston Villa ones, I can't remember if they perished the great cull of house tat 2017.

    I have a feeling that they did, but I might have a 'special' one or two knocking about

  • Thank you for looking anyway, such is the way with most tapes that are laying around!

  • I am indeed, though in no particular rush, just enjoy looking through and archiving old obscure content!

  • The only two remaining. Sitcom is a great film and 96/97 was an alright season for Villa, from memory

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  • .

  • Sitcom looks well good will have to check it out. Also cracking kit from Villa!

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Wanted: VHS Tapes/player

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