• Morning all,

    After riding for it for the past year I've finally accepted this is probably a tad too small for me... Its in quite scrappy condition but rides really nice and has some good bits on it. Currently its without a seat post and saddle - I've probably got an old gross saddle I can through in and probably have a seat post laying around but both will be unremarkable.. I'll have to check this evening.

    BB and headset are super smooth and feel great - I think both the frame and the wheels have done the rounds on the forum so they have some scratches and marks as you'd expect.

    • Omniums in pretty decent condition bit of heel rub, 48t chainring
    • Thomson stem 130mm lovely condition, bit of surface rust in the bolt heads ?
    • Campag Atlanta rims on condor hubs - these are straight and true but truly beater condition I'd say. Theres a slight dent in the rim (pictured) but hasn't been an issue. (I think these have been kicking about the forum for a few years!)
    • Deda Street bar - Brand new
    • Nukeproof grips
    • Cinelli seat clamp
    • BLB flats and straps
    • GXP bottom bracket
      Happy to throw in a brake and lever if required, won't be anything flash though. I also have some Easton monkey bars to throw in if you want something wider.

    Apologies for the lack of detailed pics, I'll take some more this evening!

    Bike will be available to view this weekend in Deptford - no posting


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  • Dibs please!

  • 2nd dibz

  • That price is far too low. You are a generous man willie.

  • unlikely 3rd please

  • 4ths

  • Hi all - thanks for the dibs, I've made note! Personally, I think these photos are quite flattering so let me post up the detail shots first and then I'll reply to your messages - @Bodz is in first


  • I'm still keen, condition is good for me

  • 5ths

  • same. fine with condition. Would be a nice daily ride.

  • ^ Everyone above is planning to strip this for parts

  • with a slow diffusion into the forum hopefully

  • fake news. planning to ride it as it is

  • Also still keen. Went to HHV for the first time on Wednesday and this would be v lovely to get me started.

  • tbf im just fiending for some beater silver wheels so staking a claim for the eventuality for whoever buying these not wanting them - i could be ya guy

  • Actually to be fair - condition is better than it was in my head. Slight ding in seatstay (pictured) but that’s been there for ages. I did spot a loose spoke on the front wheel but runs true, just needs a tighten I reckon. Marks on frame pictures too

    I’d prefer this gets ridden! I’ll message dibbsers now

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  • Yep, Still keen. Let me know if @Bodz and @Glws passes on it... but i wont hold up any hope :)

  • Will do - ta!

  • I could pick up the cranks and BB tomorrow for £140

  • I’ve re-read my original post and maybe it wasn’t very clear! Due to current living situation, this needs to go this weekend - hence the low price 🙅

    Should have been a bit more organised and posted earlier in the week but the circumstances were unforeseen!

  • If none of the dibsers before me can pick up this weekend, happy to come take it asap. PM’d

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8Bar Fixed Beater (nice beater) 54 - £SOLD (Omniums, Thomson, campag)

Posted by Avatar for Willie @Willie