For Sale - Knight Carbon Gravel Wheels LOWER PRICE

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  • Price is posted, but equally happy to meet up somewhere near Guildford or Richmond.

    28 hole, DT Swiss 240 EXP Hubs (XD Driver, but super easy to swap) 142 x 12 and 100 x 12, Knight Gravel Rims, Sapim D-Light Spokes, SRAM 160mm 2-piece rotors, Continental Terra Trail Tubeless Tyres (35mm)
    Built for gravel/CX but would work brilliantly on any road bike
    Absolutely immaculate and super light (sub 1300g). Ridden 200km max.

    NOTE - cassette is not included. it was sold as part of the groupset that was originally advertised in this ad.

    NOW £800

    Pictures below. Either PM me or email me at 7solarider7’at’gmail’dot’com.

  • In for the bars pending pic of shape

  • sold

  • sold

  • sold

  • sold

  • sold

  • sold

  • sold

  • sold

  • Wheels Pt1:

    4 Attachments

    • 1C356613-56DF-46BE-A10E-E93495CA43E0.jpeg
    • D4A308ED-22F0-494A-833E-D1FD366DA31A.jpeg
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  • Wheels Pt2:

    3 Attachments

    • F4C86B62-CCA7-481C-B740-67EC953D4F57.jpeg
    • 0596FD4B-8C4D-435B-8D67-D485E3D9A4B8.jpeg
    • 882B4412-E1F1-4AAA-A49A-084B2CF5329D.jpeg
  • Provisional dibs on the saddle please

    Just need to double check sizing

    Edit: I’ll ask here

    I’ve always used a 143mm normal saddle. Romin and Toupe have been my go to for years.

    I’ve never used a power saddle. Am I right in thinking the 155mm saddle is the one to go for? Is there an element of sizing up?

    I sat on an Arse-o-meter thing in a bike shop years ago and it put me on a 143 saddle. But I don’t remember what my sit bones actually measured.

  • I ride one of these and I thoroughly recommend. If you purchase and don't get on I'll take it for the Tallboy. Can't get fairer than that!

  • I've told solarider I'll take it. A bit of googling has me fairly sure 155mm is the one for me.
    Worst case scenario I'll pass it on to you. I hope you've actually bought that Tallboy!

  • There's definitely a noticeable difference in the widths. If you're normally on 143, a 143 power would be what I'd go for. I only ride 143 powers on my bikes and have tried a 155 that I got cheap in the past but it gave me discomfort and rubbed my legs

  • I'm going to measure my sit bones at home tomorrow using the Specialized guide on how to do it. I suppose I'm on the slighter larger side of the size spectrum at 1.89m around 90-95kg. You would probably guess that the larger the person the wider their sit bones would be but I'm not sure if thats necessarily always true?

    I sat on one of the arse measuring things once but it was over ten years ago and I'm fairly sure it was a Bontrager branded one.
    I've never really felt very uncomfortable on a 143 saddle but this is now making me question if I'm actually on the best saddle width. I notice that I do tend to shift about on the saddle quite often though.

    I think I'll take a gamble and if doesn't work out then yeahdext has himself a new saddle

  • Pics or it didn’t happen

  • Of me measuring sit bones? It’ll cost you and I’m not cheap…

    Edit: just measured and it seems to be about 133mm which would put me on a 155 rather than a 143 that I’ve always been on…

  • Good stuff!

    Saddle sold to TotalShanner.

    Bars sold to GoatandTricycle.

    Everything else still available.

  • The wheels are fantastic, for the golf club gravel rider out there

  • Any idea if knights graphics are removable? And what is the internal width?

  • Just checked mine and the graphics won't be coming off easily and may leave a shadow. They certainly won't peel off.
    22.5 mm internal and great wheels

  • Thanks Retro!

    Yes, confirmed the graphics won't come off. They are a titanium colour rather than white.

    Dimensions as follows:

    Rim Depth: 25mm
    External Width: 28mm
    Internal Width: 22.5mm

    The bars are now back available and listed again above.

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For Sale - Knight Carbon Gravel Wheels LOWER PRICE

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