For Sale - Knight Carbon gravel wheels, Zipp Stem, Fizik 00 Bars

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  • All prices are posted, but equally happy to meet up somewhere near Guildford or Richmond.

    Disc wheels (built for gravel/CX but would work brilliantly on any road bike)
    28 hole, DT Swiss 240 EXP Hubs (XD Driver, but super easy to swap) 142 x 12 and 100 x 12, Knight Gravel Rims, Sapim D-Light Spokes, SRAM 160mm 2-piece rotors, Continental Terra Trail Tubeless Tyres (35mm)
    Absolutely immaculate and super light (sub 1300g). Ridden 200km max.

    Zipp Service Course 110mm Stem
    Absolutely immaculate. Ridden 200km max.

    Fizik Cyrano 00 Bars
    420mm, Bull
    Usual marks from stem and shifters having been installed but otherwise in great condition. These are the lightest that Fizik make (175gm) and really smooth out road buzz brilliantly.

    Pictures below. Either PM me or email me at 7solarider7’at’gmail’dot’com.

  • In for the bars pending pic of shape

  • Stem:

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  • Bars:

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    • 52AB5200-175A-448A-9FB4-8C6B25654C23.jpeg
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  • Wheels Pt1:

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  • Wheels Pt2:

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    • F4C86B62-CCA7-481C-B740-67EC953D4F57.jpeg
    • E2D2B1B8-36DE-4140-990C-A3DC910D0A7F.jpeg
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    • F62A4238-5F27-4C3F-8DF7-59FC3E68C473.jpeg
    • 882B4412-E1F1-4AAA-A49A-084B2CF5329D.jpeg
  • Provisional dibs on the saddle please

    Just need to double check sizing

    Edit: I’ll ask here

    I’ve always used a 143mm normal saddle. Romin and Toupe have been my go to for years.

    I’ve never used a power saddle. Am I right in thinking the 155mm saddle is the one to go for? Is there an element of sizing up?

    I sat on an Arse-o-meter thing in a bike shop years ago and it put me on a 143 saddle. But I don’t remember what my sit bones actually measured.

  • I ride one of these and I thoroughly recommend. If you purchase and don't get on I'll take it for the Tallboy. Can't get fairer than that!

  • I've told solarider I'll take it. A bit of googling has me fairly sure 155mm is the one for me.
    Worst case scenario I'll pass it on to you. I hope you've actually bought that Tallboy!

  • There's definitely a noticeable difference in the widths. If you're normally on 143, a 143 power would be what I'd go for. I only ride 143 powers on my bikes and have tried a 155 that I got cheap in the past but it gave me discomfort and rubbed my legs

  • I'm going to measure my sit bones at home tomorrow using the Specialized guide on how to do it. I suppose I'm on the slighter larger side of the size spectrum at 1.89m around 90-95kg. You would probably guess that the larger the person the wider their sit bones would be but I'm not sure if thats necessarily always true?

    I sat on one of the arse measuring things once but it was over ten years ago and I'm fairly sure it was a Bontrager branded one.
    I've never really felt very uncomfortable on a 143 saddle but this is now making me question if I'm actually on the best saddle width. I notice that I do tend to shift about on the saddle quite often though.

    I think I'll take a gamble and if doesn't work out then yeahdext has himself a new saddle

  • Pics or it didn’t happen

  • Of me measuring sit bones? It’ll cost you and I’m not cheap…

    Edit: just measured and it seems to be about 133mm which would put me on a 155 rather than a 143 that I’ve always been on…

  • Good stuff!

    Saddle sold to TotalShanner.

    Bars sold to GoatandTricycle.

    Everything else still available.

  • The wheels are fantastic, for the golf club gravel rider out there

  • Any idea if knights graphics are removable? And what is the internal width?

  • Just checked mine and the graphics won't be coming off easily and may leave a shadow. They certainly won't peel off.
    22.5 mm internal and great wheels

  • Thanks Retro!

    Yes, confirmed the graphics won't come off. They are a titanium colour rather than white.

    Dimensions as follows:

    Rim Depth: 25mm
    External Width: 28mm
    Internal Width: 22.5mm

    The bars are now back available and listed again above.

  • Message sent.

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For Sale - Knight Carbon gravel wheels, Zipp Stem, Fizik 00 Bars

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