Drunkenly lost my Serotta

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  • Helps me get to sleep at night

  • Yeah, I think most people are sleepy after they finish...

  • Reminds me of a party we went to:

    I am from Bristol and many years ago (probably 1991/2) we went to a Spiral Tribe rave in Canary Wharf. We followed a convoy to get there and then everyone walked to where the soundsytem was and we tagged along.

    Just as we got to the party the pigs broke it up and everyone dispersed and we found ourselves in the middle of a building site not having a clue where we were.

    It took us about 5 hours to find the car again (around 8AM!!).

  • One time I was out with the young south easties and we'd been drinking and riding around all day and I was fucking wankered, the last two left standing were xander and I so we decided to do a crumble run so we left the pub on borough high st (the shit one about half way down) at closing time and got crumble from a place the other side of E&C then rode back and sat down by the mayors offices by tower bridge to eat it. this was notable in so far as I'd only just started riding in spd and had my first unclip fail.

    we part ways and i ride all the way home to greenwich via canada water/deptford get to my front door... no door keys... also no bike lock. my only spare set of keys were in brighton and i was too poor to even contemplate shelling out another £90 for a new mini-fagheddaboutit lock so i set back off (still absolutely wankered and now tired as well) and rode the entire route backwards on the pavement so i could check the gutter to see if i dropped it. made it all the way back to tower bridge where I assumed it had fallen out when i fell over, nope. rode back to the pub which miraculously still had staff inside at about 3am and i asked if anyone had handed in keys and a lock and was just about to ride off when a barmaid said she thinks she saw a set of keys at the back of the side alley. I walked back there and nestled just under a bush riiiiiight at the very back were my full set of keys and both halves of my lock. my joy was short-lived when I realised I still had to ride home and I was meant to be getting up in about 3.5 hours for work. absolute fucking miracle i found them though

  • What a spot by the barmaid!

  • Ciq's (a) Sexy Bastard.

    stop you'll make me blush

  • Was crumble spot Bagel King?

  • @Brun
    I suspect you might be able to share a similar story of activity in W1 and 'moving' bikes.

  • I don't appreciate being reminded, but that would be this one.

    Fingers crossed for a similarly unlikely resolution in this case.

  • Got that was bonkers, you couldn't get more lucky

  • I get a hangover just thinking about those days

  • Good reminder on that thread of that Saturday when @owenreed came to work lamenting the loss his bike the night prior, only to "find" it later in the day...

  • I woke with the worst blisters on my feet presumably from walking from Bloomsbury bowling lane to Camberwell in my SPD shoes. Don't remember a thing

  • Had a regular customer come into our shop a year or so ago, after he had his decent single speed stolen after locking it up, he needed a new bike pronto so we sold him a nice replacement. He came back a day later asking if he could return it, as he’d found his original one in the next street to where he thought he’d left it.

    A couple of months ago we found it locked up outside our shop. I called him and asked if it was ok there? He said “oh that’s not mine, mines here”. I said go and check, he went off and came back and said “no, it’s gone! How the hell did it get outside your shop?”. He wasn’t even drunk.

  • I've never lost my bike while drunk but I've definitely woken up and had to check if it was in the hallway because I didn't remember coming home. I once left my bike lock on a railing near tower bridge after a party and only remembered after getting home so had to go back the next morning to fetch it.

  • What's a crumble run to the uninitiated?

  • I'm guessing it's going to buy apple crumble from bagel King on Walworth Road?

    Delicious, delicious crumble.

  • I'm gonna hazard a guess its a run for crumble... Or a very thinly veiled drug reference.

  • bagel King on Walworth Road

    Will bookmark that if it still exists, I have never heard of a late night crumble

  • Yeah on reflection that should have said where can I buy a late night crumble?

  • Not a bike story but was at a festival, last day in the afternoon, a Sunday and this bloke yells out, ‘I’ve found it!’ Him and his mate pitched up a tent on Thursday went off, got drunk, forgot where they were and slept in bushes for three days.

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Drunkenly lost my Serotta

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