Drunkenly lost my Serotta

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  • So I have lost yet another bike. RIP

    Got very pissed on sake last night at a Japanese restaurant and failed to return home with it.

    It was locked with a Kryptonite mini outside the Bloomsbury Tavern at the top of Shaftsbury Avenue. I've just been back to where I left it and and there's no sign of the bike or the lock so there's a small chance I cycled it somewhere else and it's just locked up. I remember taking one of those rickshaws from a kebab shop on Charing Cross Road to my house so if it is locked up still, it'll be somewhere in the vicinity.

    It's a blue/green Serotta with "Coeur d'acier" written on it although it's actually a Fierte (my own paint job), Alpha-Q carbon fork, Dura-Ace 7700 groupset and an Araya+Dura Ace wheels. Only photo of it I can currently find is this one below:

    Only difference is new green/blue/silver camo pattern bar tape. I will try to find a clearer photo to post.

    If anyone sees it on Gumtree or eBay or anything, or even just locked up somewhere near Shaftsbury Ave, please send me a message on here. I have actually had two stolen bikes recovered, one of them thanks to the help of someone on this forum, so I have a small amount of faith that I'll see it again.....

    Many thanks

  • Sounds like quite a night 😅 sorry for your loss.

  • It was hectic. Thanks

  • I'll keep any eye out... quite an eventful night.

  • Holy shit that is some hangover

  • Strong echoes of this lfgss classic thread. Hopefully you have the same outcome!


  • 5 star thread

    sorry for your loss

  • Class night out, stuff of legend.

    Have been in a similar state and have been helped home.

    Bon chance on finding the bike complete

  • Any luck looking at Google map tracking your location?

  • Or if not, would bank card usage act as a bread crumb trail?

  • Good luck :)

  • Damn, that's terrible. My heart is still broken after having my Ottrot ST stolen many years ago. I finally replaced it by getting a 3rd hand Parlee Zero a few weeks ago. Finally back in superbike heaven!

  • Cheers all.

    Any luck looking at Google map tracking your location?
    Or if not, would bank card usage act as a bread crumb trail?

    Never have location turned on on my phone sadly but did indeed manage to retrace my steps by looking at my bank app. Not a sign of it though unfortunately.

    Was just reminded about the bike sellers on Brick Lane, annoyingly missed it today but will be going up next Sunday to have a look.

  • Sorry to hear about your Ottrot. A Parlee's not such a bad replacement though!

    I think I might go down the pub bike type route for my next one. Something I don't need to worry about.

  • Sorry for your loss. Can you track your smartphones movements last night?

  • Not sure I can because location and WiFi were both switched off. Looking into it though, might be something else on the phone doing tracking

  • Were you with friends who did have location active on their phones?

  • Basically after the restaurant we went across the road to the pub which is where my drunkenness levels went through the roof and apparently at some point I just ran off. Blacked out for a bit and came to my senses at the kebab shop/talking to the rickshaw driver. So I think if I had moved my bike it would have been during that blackout bit when I was on my own. Had a good look yesterday all round that area and couldn't see it anywhere.

  • Opted into http://www.google.com/maps/timeline by any chance?

  • A real shame that you’ve lost such a great bike and I truly hope you get it back… but…. also a really great return to a classic LFGSS-style thread of yesteryear.

  • Unfortunately not showing any activity for me on friday night

  • If I had a 6-pack for every bike I'd left somewhere after a night out...

  • I'd have zero sick packs because I need the bike to get to where there's more beer.

  • I'd never imagined you with a six pack

  • But you have imagined me...

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Drunkenly lost my Serotta

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