• Morning all and thanks in advance if anyone has clues to this

    I might buy this German-made bike. The seller's taken the seatpost out to check it wasn't fused and - see photo - it's weirdly short, 5cm maybe. Then there's a sleeve left in the tube but really a sleeve (ie. not a shim with a slot down it to help with clamping the post tight.) I'm confused. Is it is ok? Nothing looks broken as such...


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  • The guy's just said that 5cm tube or plug or 22mm wide so is it likely that should be bonded to the seat-tube that's now inside the frame? It's come detached and the post has stuck....

  • Looks like a standard Kalloy seatpost that's come unbonded and left the post stuck in the seat tube. It'll be a bugger to shift.

  • Thanks @Five-Hats this is good (i understand it now) and bad (seems silly to buy this bike sight unseen...) Cheers though, very helpful!

  • Is it stuck? If it is try your local bike shop, may be able to help to remove it. or if nothing helped I have used caustic soda to melt the aluminium seatpost out of my steel frame, there's quite a few videos on YouTube

  • That's a last resort tho, if you ain't careful you will damage the paint, and it is quite messy. It took about 11h to melt mine down

  • I had good success inserting a quill stem into a broken seat post to pull it out, just don't tighten so much to make the tube bulge out.

  • I tried that before soda @sohi, but no luck. Hopefully quill trick works for @adamdenw

  • Good trick, cheers!

  • Thanks @Jakub96 - I hadn't got as far as buying the bike so not my problem (so far)! That video's crazy though, and the caustic soda seems just to react with the aluminium, right? which is handy....

  • Yeah that's right, so wouldn't use it on an aluminium frame. That's what was left

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Sorted: Help identifying strange seat-tube / seatpost combo. Possibly German.

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