Wanted Dura Ace 7400 series parts

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  • Wanted Dura Ace 7400 series parts

  • Pretty sure I have some, what in particular are you after?

  • I have a complete groupset available, STI levers, 53/39 cranks, F&R mechs, callipers, cassette, also got a pair of 32h hubs and skewers if required.

  • Oh and a 1" threaded headset somewhere too...

  • I could be interested if kings is not interesed thanks

  • Looking for a mint condition 7403 fd if anyone has one spare plz :-)

  • I reckon I've got all the NOS 8 speed cassettes left in the world. And maybe a freehub or two. Haven't looked in my stash for a while.

    some hubs I think.

  • Yes I’m interested can you send me further details?

  • Is this a boast post of are you looking to sell? :-)

  • Will PM you shortly

  • I was thinking of ebaying them. I need as much dosh as possible. Trying to go campervan + bike touring long term.

  • PM some prices if you can and if they aren't ridic then I might be quite interested

  • same as BigH - let me know what you have for how much...cheers

  • Right. I've got nine 8 speed 12-19, four 8 speed 13-21, one 7 speed 12-18, three 6 speed 13-26. All cassettes but with individual sprockets. And a 6 speed block.

  • And cranks, 170, 52/39. A stack of individual sprockets. Spacers. Half a dozen 1st position threaded sprockets. 6 speed down tube shifters. 8 speed down tube shifters. Rd7400 and RD
    7402 rear mechs. Pair of 32 hole hubs, the freehub being 8 speed. Two freehub shell things without the hub, one 6 speed and one 8 speed. Non-aero brake levers, sprayed white. Pair of brakes. Two pairs of 8 speed bar end levers - one NIB, the other used and missing some gubbins.

  • Blimey, that's a proper DA cassettes hoarder....8sp block price?

  • To complete a set, I've got a CN-7400 in the packet, no box unfortunately. Nobody seems to want that complete of a set. Suppose I haven't pushed it very much. And maybe a bit expensive for an 8spd chain but nothing surprises me after looking at the cost of old Campagnolo stuff

  • i’ll take a couple of those 12-19s please

  • My weedy pension requires me to get as much as I can. I'll put a couple of cassettes on ebay to see what happens, then I'll offer them here for a bit less.

  • Would definitely be interested in an 8s 13-21 if you end up selling

  • I'm going to sell the lot. No more Uniglide for me.

  • @nick_h. hi, is the 32h rear hub the 8 speed 'Integrated SIS'? If so, I'm very interested in buying. Thanks

  • Yes. Any idea what it's worth?

    Also got a front hub to go with it.

  • It's UG only, not the crossover one which is UG and HG. I reckon it's the 7402. https://velobase.com/ViewComponent.aspx?­ID=d6f750a7-d28c-400b-a669-255a342f186e&­Enum=110 Condition excellent, with the odd nick and scratch. Will post a pic.

  • Not sure what the etiquette is here, but I'll do a separate For Sale post for the above 7402 hub, as user126870 and I seem to be hijacking Kingswann2013's thread.

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Wanted Dura Ace 7400 series parts

Posted by Avatar for Kingswann2013 @Kingswann2013