First House- 18c Cottage.

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  • My first place, was a bit of a bargain, but needs quite a bit of modernisation. (Plumbing, electrics, roof repair).
    Luckily the owner before the one I purchased from took fairly good care, and lime rendered everthing. But then someone stuck dulux all over that.

    Garden progression whilst waiting for wiring to be checked/provision of at least one good socket.

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  • Good of them to keep the original C18th windows though....

  • If it's 18th Century it should be a listed building - virtually everything pre 1840 is listed

    There are good and bad things about this status, but you need to be sure of the situation before starting work.

  • Awesome! Good luck with the build.

    Thats a lot of garden waste that you must have built up...

  • Well they kept the window seats and the wood arm rests at least. Huge bits of wood over the door frame, and the original thatch rafters are still insitu.

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  • Definitely not listed, I checked loads, as it had a stack of work converting from 4 properties to 3 properties to 1 property and then back to 2 properties over the last 60 years.

    Its all gypsum boards now, no lathe and plaster ceilings, nor asbestos.

  • Hot and cold running water (rain) in the bathroom by the looks :)

  • Just to add on the listing thing, we live in an early 1800s property and it is not listed either, and very glad of it when we renovated!

  • Literal rain shower head.

  • Devon innit, or wait aren't you around Bampton?

  • Are you Devon too?

    I was told a story (not sure if true), that the planning officer was driving round one day in the 80s trying to find a house to work out if it should be listed and all the locals he spoke claimed no knowledge of the house he was looking for, despite all knowing exactly where it was...

  • I am.
    Other jobs that have gone from the list are things like the 'damp upstairs' that caused loads of mortgage issues was where owner was a smoker, and the grim wallpaper was yellow, but nothing behind it. Or where the old immersion boiler had leaked and caused the plasterboard ceiling to swell.
    The kitchen floor was damp, but dried as soon as I took the selfleveling stuff off.
    Fortunately I'ves a few contacts in the 'bespoke' wood industry. IE able to get a door and kitchen that'll fit.

  • Ah I am East Devon, near Honiton, went through a complete rip down and re do about 4 years ago...

  • That sounds extremely like Devon

  • Looks great.

    I recommend The Society for the Preservation of Ancient Buildings

  • following! good luck

  • Couple of book suggestions yo can pick up quite cheaply -

    English Cottages by Tony Evans and Candida Lycett Green, introduction by John Betjeman
    English Cottage Interiors by Hugh Lander

  • Thanks, stacks and stacks and stacks of it. Just found the photo of garden from when I went to view in July 2020.

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  • That garden resembles me during the first lockdown and today‚Ķ

  • Thanks for those, tempted to go for a fusion of traditional english pub with quaint LLL overtures.

  • Luckily the electrician is coming out next week, this is just a sample.

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  • Can I smell burning?

  • I hope not, everything is off! Found some interesting 'that'll do' backfilling of wall. Kitchen roll and plastic bags.....

  • Subbed

  • Today's good news, most of the existing CH piping can continue to be used! Although he was bemused by the random T junctions that terminate after an inch, a relic of when it was one house with neighbours.

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First House- 18c Cottage.

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