• Up for sale is my Alpini Finch mini velo. Only available in Newhaven/Hove on September 9. Price: 125 GBP.

    On September 9 I will be in Newhaven/Hove to pick up a bike I bought there. I am coming from Dieppe (France) and am planning to take my Alpini Finch mini velo along for the trip so I can travel to and from the ferry more easily. I would prefer to take only one bike back, so the Alpini is up for sale.

    The bike is super fun to ride and handless surprisingly well. Overal quality of the frame (paint and welds) is really nice. The bike is in good shape and has seen only little use. There are some scuff marks on the paint where a a lock hung. Some washers and a couple of bolts are a bit rusty, but now I am really nitpicking. The rear wheel has a flip flop hub for fixed or single speed use. Retail price was about 400 GBP.

    You can find a promotion video here: https://vimeo.com/147637096

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  • i think the DFDS staff might also nitpick if you're carrying 2 bikes instead of one. bring a large binbag in case you don't find a taker

  • I will be taking a Surly Big Dummy back, so I could probably fit the Alpini in one of the bags ;)

  • to be honest, i don't think it will be an issue, the ferries won't be full at all around those dates. but since you can only book one vehicle per person, you never know

  • Really like this but no way to get to Newhaven on the 9th

  • Dibs. Will PM.

  • 2nd dibs

  • i fell like this could be a TT project for @Retro_bastard :)

  • I totally forgot about your messages on this bike. Sorry about that.

  • 3rd dibs if the others fall through

  • Hey, no problem, was just bumping this as couldn’t believe it hadn’t already gone 😀

  • My neck of the woods but with a baby on the way I'm back on basic rations for a while. Managed to squeeze the Genesis in just in time.

  • 4th dibs I'm free on the 9th and not far.

  • I have to undibs, I have sent a PM explaining why. @sacredhart looks like you're next. GLWS @SWijland

  • congratulations ! for the genesis and the Genesis

  • 5th dibs? haha

  • You never know :)

    I will keep you guys posted

  • This is sold now. Thanks everyone.


Alpini Finch Mini Velo for sale in Newhaven on September 9

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