• Personally, I'm very excited about this hot new trend. I've got a kid carrier and my groin and hips have the bendiness of a Ryvita, so it makes sense to me.

  • This is what happens when you start a thread without extremely strict rules from the start, Amey comes in and ruins it before it can build up any community. Sort of like how the free market immediately harvests subcultures.

  • I am all about diversity in bikes, you start a thread and I already own that bike/have owned it in the past.

  • Amey comes in and ruins it

    Would buy a sticker

  • except a gravel bike, because fuck that!

  • I have a soft spot for Omnium - and I bought a yellow CXC stepthrough for my wife.

    Titanium is a one off from Omnium

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    • 217482848_515805512967036_4060657823605515110_n.jpg
    • OmniumCXC Skirt.jpg
  • This thread now has me watching several Dawes Kingpins on ebay.

  • Cannondale Treadwell came in a really nice colourway last year

  • The only rule here is posting pictures of step throughs :)

    I just want to think about nice step throughs :)

    Thank you everyone so far who’s posted nice step throughs :)

    I look forward to looking at more nice step throughs :)

  • Isla Bikes Jimi looks like a lot of fun, except for the boring paint job!

  • Oooh. I can post the mum bike in here. When I find a picture in its resplendent glory.

  • You guys will love it.
    1 * 10
    38c tyres
    Aluminium frame
    V brakes

  • Oh wait. "nice"

  • Step throughs are all nice by default :)

  • Challenging your statement "all are nice".

  • This looks great, it’s cool, I would ride this :)

  • My other half built this for a client....

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    • Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 19.30.55.png
  • Muddy fox mixtes are rad

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    • Retro-Muddy-Fox-Courier-Mixte-womens-mountain-bike.jpg
  • could not make a prettier bicycle if you tried, although I fully expect that rear guard to crack if its ridden regularly

  • Firefly

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    • 2885913B-7D96-4E5E-9F78-8053F4C34D81.jpeg
  • I ride one every day to work and lock it up with a wet, overcooked noodle.

  • also great pub bikes

  • I missed two of them (just frames) on ebay for about £15. No one bid and I talked myself out of it. Still regret. I have one now though (hot pink and white fade, fairly ratty) to be built up some day.

  • About a decade of my step throughs, loop frames and shoppers. I know what I like.

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step throughs/ top tube phobia/sweet shoppers/ low rider gravellers

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