• Lots to say... loved and lost love these days

    Steel Transition Rapture frame in size large, no longer made, added 2 more cage mounts and crimped stays to take wider tyre (700x38mm panaracer on hope 20five)
    Powder coated black, comes with Hope headset, Thomson seatclamp and Brand x post.

    Large frame - geo here - https://geometrygeeks.bike/bike/transiti­on-rapture-2015-2016/

    Hope RS4 20Five Wheels + Panaracer tyres 38mm - SOLD
    Whiskey N09 fork
    GRX chainset, front mech - SOLD
    11-34 cassette SOLD
    RX800 rear mech - SOLD
    Ultegra level hydro shifters with Shimano calipers - SOLD
    XTR front rotor, XT rear - SOLD
    Surly Truck Stop bars
    Hope headset
    XT pedals
    Brooks Saddle - happy to swap for something else or sell without - SOLD

    based in somerset, rides like a dream, just not being ridden

  • photo ... obv might clean it

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  • Jaw on the floor. I wish I could afford to buy this right now.

    2 raptures, 1 sscx and 1 geared is the dream!!


    EDIT: May take one of those segmented steel forks of you if youre getting rid and the price is nice?

  • You fancy the frame only?

  • Pm with what price you are thinking!

  • I’m interested in wheels and groupset if you’re splitting.

  • What is price for the frameset? Thanks

  • Very interested in frame if you split

  • okay okay okay

    spoke with the wife.. shes not happy for me to sell but the bike is loved and not ridden, so I think its wise to move it on.

    Some price ideas;

    Frame £300 - with hope headset
    Fork - £350
    wheels - £350 with tyres / rotors
    Brooks - £60
    Bars - £40
    Cranks / BB - £95
    Rear Mech - £65
    Front Mech - £25
    Pedals - £45 (got two pairs)
    Brake shifters / calipers - £200

  • shes not happy for me to sell

    Must be a first, like, ever.

  • ha! she has a matching one the size below...

  • Is the cassette going on its own or attached to the wheels?

  • Probably keep the chain / cassette as spares for the wifes bike as they are so new

  • you have a gravel bike!

  • but this can be SSCX (sexy sexy cool cross)

  • very cool frame that i always wanted. now my setup is di2 so not reaaaally needed

  • okay;

    some stuff pending; left is..

    frame with Hope headset

  • chainset sold!

  • Fork

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    • E2BDDC21-4122-432F-9952-75C34AE2422B.jpeg
    • AA635C45-C599-42FD-BB4C-C562C2240368.jpeg
  • Frame

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    • 4D3975C5-77FE-4EED-A087-AE67DBFC2FD3.jpeg
    • 0C31ABAE-5E0E-4493-812B-B500064A426A.jpeg
    • BB58D99C-5944-4DB0-BBA4-886DDB5BCEE5.jpeg
  • Is the saddle still available? If so, any chance of some info on model/condition etc?

  • Swift, with cover, good condition, softened, don’t think I have turned the tensioner at all

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    • 66B386F6-D250-43F4-8760-FD3843948265.jpeg
    • 10B83914-F74C-4C1B-9EF9-A863987EEB4C.jpeg
    • C63ED0E7-797E-45FB-9867-D69274F4BB80.jpeg
    • 5998E468-A4AF-4548-9C7F-B9C7C09C4448.jpeg
  • Chainset rx600 172.5 with bbr60

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    • 67613328-D2D9-45C9-A848-1224676A8F9B.jpeg
    • 6191B71B-C269-4D9D-AE05-281B30D13F8F.jpeg
    • 1C873EA9-9338-4D4F-982D-6CC0969F869F.jpeg
    • BD2632D3-B721-4940-8DE2-A50A13F8468E.jpeg
  • Truck stop 48cm

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    • DC504570-898A-4F32-B6E8-0974EA2F79F5.jpeg
    • F642B2C8-126B-4CD3-8F02-8FBF95AD36D9.jpeg
    • 0912DEDE-9521-45BD-A9DC-D53CD403A789.jpeg
    • E3D825AA-FFAE-499C-A144-5731FB884ADE.jpeg
  • Pedals

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    • 1EBA707B-10DC-443B-80EF-4D3C020D67DF.jpeg
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    • 98D869F1-0AFA-4FA0-8831-631CA08168C4.jpeg
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FS Transition Rapture CX steel frame, whiskey no9 forks, surly truck stop, Brooks saddle

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