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  • On Thursday I will be pootling off from my home at a seriously silly hour and pointing my bike towards Cambridge and the unexplored badlands that lie beyond. Stopping for a second breakfast at the Espresso Library, I will then venture north towards Lincoln where I shall hopefully arrive in the late afternoon or early evening and eat and restock and sleep in the cycling friendly Premier Inn before setting out at a similarly early time on Friday morning to ride home.

    Just over 250km each day for a total of 500 km. A quick spin for most of you but, for this obese man on the cusp of his 64th birthday with two arthritic knees, a challenge.

  • Excellent. Good man, Clive.

    Are you doing it for the sheer pleasure, or, as per your ride for your 60th, are you raising money for a good cause?

  • Purely for the pleasure of it and to test my resilience and capability for longer rides in the future. A lockdown of lots of short local rides has set me dreaming of longer journeys into unexplored lands

  • That premier inn is halfway down a big old hill (if I remember right). It’ll wake you up no problem! Best of luck dude. Enjoy!

  • Good stuff. I hope I’m still doing 250km days at 64

  • Sounds like a good plan, good luck.

  • Good luck.
    I scoped out a DIY 600 audax to Lincoln this time last year but didn't get to do it on the end, but I recall some pleasant bits from my research, including a fair bit of what looked like decent standard cycle path. We'll done for getting further than me!

  • Expresso

    Sorry what

  • Good luck Clive!

  • Make sure you pass by New York.
    Good luck!

  • Sorry what

    Oh goodness. Put it down to age. That and writing the post on my Remarkable and the conversion to text.

  • Make sure you pass by New York.

    Isn’t that Boston?

  • @cliveo.

    I know the flat lands of Cambrideshire and Linolnshire pretty well.

    Can you post up your route?

    Might have some ideas to help you.

  • inspiring.

    i need inspiration so thank you.

  • Not tempted to push it to 640km, 10 for every year? ;)

  • Ha! It is almost 320 miles; five miles for each year.

  • All the best old man! You are an inspiration and a pillar, I can only vaguely imagine how envious can be a wanker Spur fan that can only copy and paste articles from the guardian.

    Your foot is real glory!

  • Nope!
    Plus you pass RAF Coningsby.
    Used to be my run when I lived in Boston.

  • Some thoughts:

    Train to Cambridge, or are you starting from East Road, Cambridge?

    Turn right a@ Emanual Street and cross Christs Pieces, Midsomer Common/Jesus Green. Footpaths, traffic free.

    BusWay NCN 15 Good Idea. Traffic free. (Well apart from busses on their bit of the guided way of course).
    @Northstowe, rt, Willingham,Earith, Somersham, Pidley, Warboys, Ramsey. Avoid St Ives.
    Roads near RAF Wyton, St Ives, busy and fast. Lots of artic trucks.

    Section Bourne, Billingborough, Ruskington, Metheringham. Head a bit more East. Flat, straight, exposed roads, very FAST traffic.

    Or, @ Dunston, West, cross the A15 (again fast road), to Harmston, down hill, rt to Bracebridge.

    Dunston to Lincoln down Canwick Hill, via tidal flow to hotel VERY busy with traffic.

    Hope some of this is useful to you.

    Good luck and enjoy.

    Let us know how you get on.

  • Cheers. Riding to Cambridge but know the route well.

  • Head wind tomorrow. Tail wind home. Dry and cool.

    Packed all but some food. Making peanut butter rolls in the morning.

    Feeling a little nervous and excited.

  • Ten times better and back then your arse! Have fun.

  • You’ll be fine. Keep eating and drinking and just keep the pedals turning.

  • Ah, just when you're looking for a thread to troll, the forum delivers--again. :)

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London - Lincoln - London

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