1978 Reliant Scimitar | SOLD

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  • Yes, the SX250 was going to replace the Dart but Daimler changed their mind. Here is a picture of the SX250 which was re-worked slightly particularly the rear wheel arches.

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  • This is the Ogle Triplex GTS which was a re-worked GT and forerunner for the GTE

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  • That’s bloody lovely. It’s odd how they decided to make it into what was more or less an estate car, from that.

    It’s even odder how a company like Reliant took it on, rather like how Raleigh, after nothing but sensible bicycles suddenly came up with the Chopper.

  • Thanks folks. Done a lot of reading on this last night and it doesn’t seem like it would really be that difficult to look after.

  • Go for it! We recently bought a 35 year old vw ‘van without much prior knowledge and haven’t looked back yet (even after having a wedge of work done by a specialist).

    I think as long as you’re comfortable communicating to a decent mechanic about work that needs doing and you have a some cash left over for said work owning ‘a classic’ isn’t as scary as some make out - just buy a decent one to start with.

  • Just PMed you cryptthing


    Thats my tuppence worth

  • Drummer of a brass band I played in as a youth used to give us a lift in his, cavernous and as I remember a lush sort of ride — and you can get a full drum kit in it to boot. Dreamy.

  • Although I've always appreciated these from afar..I've never wanted one.. until now.. that colour is amazing... I wonder if my wife will give me the midlife crisis leeway

  • SOLD! Thanks for the interest all

  • Just a small PS for this one. Spotted these beauties at Shoreham airport this morning.

    (B1-D17-E9-B-F404-48-E1-A6-C6-01-EE75-AD3-D70 1-CBE6790-B47-F-4-BEA-AAF1-42-EB30040544)

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1978 Reliant Scimitar | SOLD

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