Adventures in Middle Earth, or building a Rivendell

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  • Tubeless on a Riv, I'm out!

  • But controversial I know, but I'm a total convert. Wouldn't have it any other way now.

  • Very nice! Looking forward to seeing how this turns out

  • Been away for a bit, but starting to put things together.

    Easy bits this evening. Handlebars, bottle cages and cable hangers.

    Handlebars, gone for Ritchey Venturemax Classic

    Bottle cages, the lovely Sim Works John Cages

    And, cable hangers - Paul Funky Monkey front and Nitto AS-5 rear.

    Tried fitting the brakes, but turns out I need the extra long bolt adapters for the Paul Racers, and I think the Funky Monkey might need to be sized down to the 7/8ths to go with the 1" quill stem. The 1" seems to be too big. That or a shim.

    Couple of pics

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  • The Racer calipers are made for a recessed mount fork right? I was wondering about that. I've seen the recessed nut replaced with a regular nyloc nut or similar. What's the extra long bolt adaptor you're going for?

  • Yeah seems so. They don't reach as is even if I were to swap for a bolt like that.

    It's this:­rts/brake-parts/racer-adapter-kits/

    I can't find a UK stockist at the moment, so will have to see if anyone I know is going to the US any time soon. That or possibly consider different brakes.

  • Ah I see now thanks. Damn, that's an expensive addition, and seems wasteful because now you have the old part just sitting around useless. Hmm.

    Is it feasible to enlarge the hole on the back side of the fork a mm or so to fit the recessed bolt? I'm considering this caliper for my own build but $220+ for one brake caliper is really pushing it.

    Edit: I'm going to do the drill thing. Happy to slow mail you parts from the US if you decide to go that route - I'm not traveling back to UK any time soon though.

  • Oh thanks for the offer. That's kind. Let me know how the drilling goes.

    I've had a bit of a result this evening. I looked at the mounts and brakes in the light of day and found there was a plastic bit in narrowing the hole on the front brake and the rear brake fits, too.

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  • Ah hah! Result indeed - looks great.

  • Strangely harmonious that your frame & fork match your workstand.

    Look forward to seeing this built.

  • That is satisfying. Hadn't considered it.

    Wheels tomorrow probably.

  • So, Rene Herse tyres are an absolute ball ache to set up, tubeless or not. I've given up on tubeless for now as there seemed to be no sensible way to do that. Old school tubes for now, but even those didn't seat easily.

    Some goodies arrived in the post today. Made the decision on saddle and, as a result, bar tape. Dark brown all round.

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  • Tasty components

  • Old school tubes for now, but even those didn't seat easily.

    I've had the same experience; very frustrating.

    Great saddle choice! :-)

  • Glad it's not just me!


  • Some progress, although I think I might have the wrong size spindles for the bottom bracket. It's starting to actually look like a bike!

    Further progress halted because I have no silver ferrules.

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  • PuRe ViBeS

  • This is exactly the sort of build that ends up being an absolute Radavistic gem / Forum favourite- only for the OP to pop up in 6 months time being like: “ I really enjoyed the bike, but it’s a bit heavier than my other rides and I’m finding I use it less now - which is a shame - so offered for sale at £2800”


  • Shit Rivendell owners say

  • Absalutely brutal to do this first thing Monday

  • Hahaha rep

  • Totally fair on the Radavist call. I'm unashamedly a sucker for what he/they do.

    I'm no weight weenie though. My main ride is a Midnight Special on 2.1" tyres, and last time I hoiked it over a gate on a mis-adventure it weighed a ton.

  • :-) It’s a lovely bike though. Full kudos for swallowing the cost of the Paul’s brakes. I just hope we see it looking battered and broken-in!

    But of course, you’ll need some schwalbe marathons… by all accounts the Compass’ are just inner tubes painted to look like tyres

  • Yeah... Felt like I had to with a Riv. I certainly plan to. Not much point having it otherwise.

    They bloody feel like it! I didn't even go for the ultralight casing. I see shredded sidewalls in my future.

  • Ah, inner tubes, I'm back onboard.
    Looking rivtastic so far. Like the look of those compass/herse tyres, anything tubeless and made by Panaracer are absolute swines to mount (I've found).

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Adventures in Middle Earth, or building a Rivendell

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