Coaster brakes- Cruisers, klunkers and fun havers

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  • my Wheeler

  • So good! Reminds me I need to stick some guards on mine!

  • Had this one out recently

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  • My Torpado klunker

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  • Finally got around to doing the mods on my Schwinn that I’ve had in mind for it since getting it 3 years or so ago.

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  • 🔥so good🔥

  • Beautiful!

  • 10/10, absolute perfection!

  • Forgot how much fun coaster brakes can be, hopefully I’ll finish this next year

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  • The newest addition to the fleet. Unknown but seemingly good quality frame. Multiple layers of Hammerite, both anti rust and for steel. Kick back brake. All parts bin. Lives outside and purely for commuting duties. Don’t think I’ve had this much fun on a bike in a long time..

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  • Proper clean coaster build!

  • Some great builds in here. I'm building a very gentile upright cruise wagon and dithering over whether to go for a coaster. It makes sense for this build and I'm tempted.

    @M_V - Where do you usually get your CB-E110 hubs from? They seem to be available in a pretty wild range of prices.

  • There’s a seller on eBay that lists them fairly often for a decent price but they are bare hubs, no cog or hardware etc.

    That works for me as I have a fair stock of spare bits and bobs and invested at some point in a pile of nuts for the slightly unusual axle thread. It may work out not too bad for you depending what gearing you plan on using, think the ones that come with a cog usually come with an 18t? So if you’d be buying a different cog anyway then not having the cog included isn't going to be an issue.

    Here’s an item from the seller­CREW-IN-BAR-END-PLUGS-RED-NOS-/275059379­353?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m2­548.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0

    They don’t have any hubs listed just now but there’s been a couple times I’ve missed the listing and have asked them if they had anymore and they’ve created a listing for me.

  • That's really helpful, ta. I've sent them a message and will see what they come back with. Failing that, how bad can a Histop possibly be for a tenner?

  • Hi stop are alright I think.

    I'd avoid Velosteel.

    I think the HiStop are meant to be very similar internally to the cb-e110 but I think the axle thread pitch is different (not as unusual as the cb-e110) so not entirely cross compatible.

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Coaster brakes- Cruisers, klunkers and fun havers

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