Belfast cycling scene

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  • Thinking of moving over to Belfast somepoint next year. Seeing as this board is dead on its feet, was wondering what the current cycling scene is like. I see that @JWestland you seem to have been the most active on here!

    I ride I a mix of fixed gear and my 26” rigid mtb, who knows maybe I can save a little on my rent a few more bikes might be added to the arsenal ;)

  • Hi! :)

    Lots of initiatives are being set up by Sustrans / urban villages here.

    With the pandemic & people being busy with other life stuff many previous regular rides faded out, but it may pick up again.

    I've a 26" I use most ATM, north Belfast is hilly and downhill on a fixed scares me most. But I still have it, hopefully I can dust it off again next year.

    (In the middle of a house renovation ATM)

    If you are over can certainly show you around etc.

  • Sounds brilliant, I’ve been following what sus trans have been doing with some of the newer routes. Definitely been going down the rough stuff route with my cycling recently so it seems like a great place to get out exploring.

    How do you find it for bikepacking/bivvy bagging. Are the laws the same as over here for wild camping?

    Definitely up for a ride once I’m over.

  • How do you find it for bikepacking/bivvy bagging. Are the laws the same as over here for wild camping?

    No right to roam/rambling culture from what I know. Farmers will likely plug a few hot ones in yo’ ass if found trespassing.

  • Okay so similar to over the pond then, will have to keep my head low and hope for the best haha!

  • As others said no right to roam.

    But some people wildcamp up the Cavehill and in other government owned areas.

    Just might get caught by the forest guard (doubt anyone polices Cavehill at the night of the 11th people camp on it to see bonfires) but at least they won't take a double barrel out on you :p

    No idea how hard they come down on people they caught though, maybe you get told off or they ring plod.

  • Been past many a time but never taken the walk up, yes will have to have an explore around and just find some low-key areas then! Will be a nice change from the scenery in London!

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Belfast cycling scene

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