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  • My back wheel is gubbed and want to replace the wheelset they are Specialized Axis 4.0 Disc SCS TA Alloy Clincher 7000c from a ROUBAIX SL4 COMP DISC bike.

    The trouble is current axis wheels are out of stock so what do i replace them with?.
    The whole thing is confusing....hub size adapters rotors etc etc. Most ideas for replacement are thru axle but what adapters WTF, i need QR or the right adapters. I fancied a set of carbon but even that was confusing.

    Any help out there, even mental help would do 😂

  • What’s your budget?

    Hunt says they’ll supply appropriate adapters with any of their wheelsets but even their cheapest set at £400 is a fair investment.

    I imagine I could build you something cheaper,

    Hubs - just under £100 for half decent shimano, just over £100 for something like novatec.

    Rims - £100 should get a pair of something decent, tubeless etc. Lighter/fancier = a bit more.

    Spokes - £50-75

    Build labour - I’d charge you about £50.

    So about £300 all in with room to shave some off that if you wanted cheaper Shimano hubs, more basic rims etc or similarly, easy to spec things up a bit depending what you are after.

  • cheers
    what about this SCS carry on
    ie rear hub allows for a proper chainline on short chainstay which seems to be discontinued?

  • where abouts are you anyway?

  • I’ve never heard of that.

    Sounds like marketing wank to be honest, i can’t really see chainstay length would have any connection to chainline.

    I’m in Newlands.

  • are you in a shop or work at home?

  • Gave it a Google, it’s a hub standard that puts the cassette on the same line that a 130 hub would have.

    I’d take it with a pinch of salt as I’m sure there are millions of bikes out there with non scs 135mm rear hubs and standard road chainsets that are working just fine but there might be problems with the cassette fouling the chainstay and/or dropout area.

    I’d maybe try popping a standard 135mm hub or wheel in there and have a look at what the chainline and clearances are like because if you have to find an scs hub that’s going to narrow your choices and push the budget up.

    I have some hubs/wheels/cassettes that I could try in the frame for you.

  • Newlands is home, I have a ‘workshop’, it’s a garage. I do all my wheelbuilding in the flat though. I work at the velodrome as well so if that’s easier to get to I could have a look at things there for you, I just would need a bit of warning to take hubs etc in with me but it’s no problem.

  • Thanks for your advice, i'll give you a shout if i go down this route.

  • Sounds good.

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wheelset help

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