Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Project

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  • Building this up for my better half as a sort of flat bar gravel bike.

    Got the frame coming soon, can't wait to see it in person!

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  • Wanting to go with polished parts, and thinking about cranks. Anyone ever polished a modern triple?

    Something like this?

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  • I'd just get an older triple. That things butt ugly

  • LOL true. Trying to find something that isn't knackered is the challenge. Got a minty biopace triple for my Rockhopper rebuild, but they seem to have gone nuts in price.

  • Some very well priced triple options from Spa


  • That Stronglight is okay... But I can do you a complete Deore Mt-60 chainset which is close to original spec for 25 quid if you can pick up? It's got the larger SG rings (48/38/28) so would be good for gravel thrashing...It's in nice nick too, definitely not knackered. It will need a 122.5mm axle bottom bracket think these have a 68mm shell. Not sure what you already have in there.

    '90-'93 Era Stumpjumpers are mighty fine frames by the way, nice score :)

  • Well that is a great offer, is it silver? Unfortunately I now live in Fife (or fortunately depending on your perspective). I'll PM you about postage.

  • Yep, it's all Silver matey. Apologies for the radio silence, I've just unearthed it from the depths of the shed...

    Postage is no problem. I'll PM you in a moment with some pictures :)

  • Frame arrived.

    As I said above I'm planning an all silver component build, flat or swept bars.

    I have wheels and crank.

    Need stem, seat post and silver headset.

    Hit me up if you have good parts that would suit this.

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  • That looks in excellent survivor condition. Look forward to updates.

  • Yeah it really is pretty damn clean.

  • these WI Cranks could look pretty rad.

  • Thinking about these bars, Nitto B809AA and a Nitto riser stem like the Nitto FU-82.

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  • Some inspiration.....

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  • More

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  • Clearance looks good for 26x2.1 knobblies, hopefully this means 2.3 DTHs will be good.

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  • Congrats on a beauty!

    Purple/green stumpy is mine. Same bike with two different tires.

    Oh and here’s one I just built

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  • Looking rad! Have you considered Kenda Small Block 8s? Think they only come in 2.1 but they roll well on tarmac and have decent grip on loose stuff, not great through proper mud though. Can be run tubeless as well, highly recommend them!

  • Loving both of you builds, this one is going to be all silver components and wheels like your RockComp. @ElGonzo I've already sprung for the DTHs so will hopefully fit them. Never tried Kenda tyres at all, so will keep them in mind.

  • Numpty on Ebay sold me this lovely seatpost, claiming it was 27.2.... clearly 26.6.

    Can I shim it? Or sell it on and get the real thing.....

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  • Cranks, bars and grips looking good, just not sure about the high rise "periscope" stem.

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  • Stem is great!

  • sell it on and get the real thing.....

    If you do decide to sell i'd be interested pending price. Great looking project btw.

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Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Project

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