2021-08-04 - Rider down/fatality, Holborn

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  • On the north-west side of the one-way system, about 9.30am, lots of police and paramedics with a tent around the accident scene and a trashed Trek FX-3 on the roadside. Doesn’t look good at all, I’m afraid.

  • Thoughts to the rider and family. :-(

  • https://twitter.com/LondonFire/status/14­22876172455759879

    LFB have announced that very sadly the rider has died. @Velocio Black logo please

    So tragic. Thoughts with rider's family, friends and loved ones.

  • Its never good to see the black logo . Terrible news for the family.

  • Sad news. RIP rider.

  • Very awful... I cycle through regularly.

  • Very sad, RIP rider. That's a terrible intersection that always sketches me out when I ride through there. If I'm not mistaken that's not the first fatality in that spot - hopefully this will lead to safer, segregated infrastructure.

  • There's a ghost bike (I think) in the middle of the LFB photo from the cyclist killed there in 2013. They made some changes since but the whole area is still terrible for cycling.


  • RIP M. A wonderful friend and doctor.

  • just awful, a spot i know too well, went through there on Saturday last :(

    RIP Marta Krawiec

    Edit: @Matt this must be really hard, thoughts and prayers with her family.

  • Really feel for the family and friends, 14 years since a friend was killed by a lorry and after the anger you really feel something will change

  • So unbearably sad. It’s a horrible junction - I go through it every day when it’s not a pandemic. My heartfelt condolences to the cyclist’s family and friends.

  • Absolutely awful news. Thoughts with the riders friends and family

  • Very sad news, RIP Rider.

  • Really sad news. RIP rider and love to family & friends.

  • She has been named as Marta Krawiec:


    Very sorry to hear about your loss, @Matt.

    The kerbline here is still as it was conceived many years ago, a fast, sweeping entry point to the Holborn one-way system, and its radius needs to be tightened (and, obviously, the one-way system needs to be returned to two-way operation). However, more questions should be asked about whether the lorry had been improved in line with the Direct Vision Standard (it is considerably quicker, easier, and cheaper to improve all lorries in this way than to rebuild most junctions, although the latter doesn't lose its importance).


    Regardless, it should not be left to horrible occasions like this for the topic to come up again, and anticipatory action should be stepped up to prevent recurrences.

    RIP Marta Krawiec.

  • Thanks @Oliver Schick. If there are any witnesses, there is an appeal to come forward.

    Marta will be greatly missed. She was on her way to work as a consultant pediatrician. She started cycling to get to work during the pandemic. We often waved at each other in the morning as our routes crossed as well.

    There will be a Requiem Mass on Saturday morning at Old St Pancras. https://stpancrasoldchurch.posp.co.uk/ma­rta-krawiec-rip/

  • Its a terrible junction, that I use almost every day. As Oliver says the curbline sweeps round to the left. Also the buslane on Southampton Row ends close to the junction so that cars wanting to turn left have to cut sharply out of the middle (staright ahead) lane. It can be chaotic as the cars try to reorganise themselves.
    There is also no obvious way to get from Bloomsbury to Aldwych which avoids it (without a detour)

  • @Matt @Velocio

    hope you don’t mind me posting this here.


    Edit 20/08/21
    Meet point updated.

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  • Thanks @almac68. I hope to attend.

  • No worries @Matt I usually work from home on Friday’s, but I hope to attend also.
    Take care

  • bump

    Assembly at 5.30pm outside Camden Council today

  • Extremely vague announcement of new safety measures from Will Norman's office here:

  • well organised protest ride and die in yesterday. As I lay there in silence, looking up at the buildings on this junction and listening to some very emotional speeches from those that knew Dr Marta Krawiec, I suddenly felt very vulnerable. But glad I attended to show solidarity for those who continue to raise questions particularly toward the ones in authority.

    RIP Marta

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2021-08-04 - Rider down/fatality, Holborn

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