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  • This is a little way away - estimated delivery is 12-15 weeks but as Italy shuts down for August - who knows. Craig Gaulzetti designed my Seven - as a bike designer in his own right and ex-Seven employee he seems be in a unique position where Seven don't really touch the frame designs he sends to them. In my case, they shortened the chainstays by 4mm and steepened the HTA by 0.5 degrees.

    So anyway, it's the best handling bike I've ever ridden, so I wanted to see what Craig would do when he's given all of the control. Tubing, that he has designed, will be coming from Dedacciai.

    Aluminium, rim brakes, ISP, 28c clearance, T47 equipped go fast bike. Identical contact points to my Seven. When drawing the frame, we set the Purely Custom jig up with my Seven measurements and moved me around the bottom bracket for a slightly more aggressive fit and decided that it offered no benefit to my pedal stroke or power output, while placing more weight on my hands, so reverted back to the Seven's fit.

    Build will be a PMP set back seat post topper, Deda 35 stem and bars cause they look great with oversized aluminium and Chorus 12 everything else. 50/34 and 11/32 because there's no flat riding near me. I've ridden bigger gearing here and it's miserable.

    Because the frame will be relatively small, we were able to spec thinner sidewalls than one typically would for a larger frame, so it should easily be sub 1000g for the frame inclusive of paint, which is pretty cool.

    Now... paint paint paint. I have no idea what to do for paint. I quite like Pantone 17-5641 Emerald but will admit that I am really struggling to even know where to begin....

    Not my bike but the frame will look quite similar to this:

    Updates to follow...

  • Bloody ell pal, you're not buggering about! The Seven, the Kirk, and now this. DBAD, long live the rim brake.
    Will be looking forward to further updates.

  • you need to diversify, get an eBike you can share with your partner that can carry dog(s)

  • Oh - I gave the Kirk back. Couldn't vibe with it as much as I initially thought. After riding it for close to a thousand KMs I emailed the original owner and he was very pleased as he'd regretted letting going of it massively. As soon as I got back on the Seven I was like 'ahh yes. that's better.'

  • Shame you couldn't get on with the Kirk, but a most agreeable outcome for you and the original owner.
    Having that same feeling getting back on my Varonha.

  • This sounds awesome.

    Greens are great bike colours. What about dusty, light pink (an off-white) with darker, light emerald green decals? Or the flip?

    For ideas.

  • Yeah, maybe emerald with light pink. Maybe the colour of a Monzo card. I like that for bikes, too.

    Also like the blue that is used in the Delta 100 label. That is something I could definitely fuck with.

  • whole palette of that film roll slaps tbqh

    looking forward to seeing the end result having seen your other builds

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  • Oh, thanks for that. Helpful indeed. The only reason I even thought of it is because I have a roll on my desk that has no film coming out of it, but feels like it's full of film, but I don't remember not developing any Delta so I need to decide what to do with it.

  • Reckon this is pretty close to the real life colour of the label on my roll:­4-C

    Quite like this blue too:­4-C

  • Light pink is <3
    A couple of photography related pallete inspo images for you:

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    • Ilford-Delta-3200-35mm-1.jpg
    • Fujicolor-Crystal-Archive-Paper-Glossy-20x24-50-Sheets.jpg
  • 2454 particularly would look great with the Monzo hot pink (no accident, they’re about opposites in the spectrum). And tonally similar. This kind of thing is a great start.

    If I hit dead-ends with creating palettes I find it helps to pair a couple of colours, then sort tones (light/dark) of each for typical usages as a separate process. It’s easiest like that (for me at least).

  • Then there is a separate process of adding black for those chosen tones (of colours) for low saturation versions.

  • imma leave this here.

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  • Delta 100 shouldnt exist. Hate that film. So hard to scan.

  • Or share with your dog and carry your partner(s)?

  • I am open to ideas.

  • I dig it. Removed some numbers cause they’re incorrect due to the saddle used in BikeCAD, but the key frame numbers are correcto.

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    • BC9A2919-1C55-45E4-B3F9-6C292FD6A769.jpeg
  • Looks great.

    Are you keeping the seven?

  • 100%. Should be the perfect road bikes to compliment each other IMO.

  • Splash out on Record.
    You need those carbon levers

  • Just out of curiosity you know why in the design the hta and sta are 73.9 and 70.9 instead 74 and 71? i don't think that any frame builder are able to account for that 0.1 degree. is it because when design he keep other number fixed like the 70 mm trail and the hta is a result of that?

  • I agree get record. Or super record. :)

  • It has crossed my mind once or twice. Re Record shifters and also the record chainset.

    @Matita24 - precisely. He has a front center range and a trail range that he’s looking for. Whatever comes out - as long as it makes sense - is what he’ll build. If that means a 0.1° difference to get a 1mm different trail number that also gives him the front center he wants, that also gets my fit positional to be millimeter perfect, then he’ll go with a 0.1° difference.

    For all intents and purposes, the handling of this bike isn’t straying that far from the Seven. I’m riding the same roads that I ride on the Seven, so we agreed it didn’t make sense to move away from what is a very neutral handling bike. Not too twitchy and not too slow. The differences between this bike and the Seven will really be dictated by the tube profiles we are using.

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Gaulzetti Interclub

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