North Cape 4000 - rider killed in Hungary

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  • Terrible news - just got this email.

    "Dear Riders,

    We are deeply saddened to inform you that the Hungarian Police have just informed us that the participant [name deleted] died in a car accident on Lake Balaton.

    At the moment we don't know anything else. We ask you to use the utmost sensitivity and out of respect for her family, who may not yet have been fully informed, not to make the news public.


    NorthCape4000 Team"

    I deleted the name above. I was surprised the organisers named the rider before family had been told. They are probably a bit in shock though.

  • Oh no, not another death on an ultra. :(

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  • I see what you mean but, unless I am missing something, the sensitivity in cases like this is around the name being publicised before the family has been told, not that something bad has happened. The news in question is not that someone has been killed, it is that Xxxx Xxxxx has been killed. So I took the rider's name out.

    I don't speak Hungarian but I'd be very surprised if it is not known in the area and in the local news that a cyclist has been killed in a road collision, but the person won't be named in those reports. That's what happened in Australia when Mike was killed and what would happen here.

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  • RIP to the rider.

  • Thanks for your comments. However, for avoidance of doubt, I did not make public the material fact which the email did contain: the name of the rider.

  • But I guess you can ask how many female riders have entered and the possible stress to all of their families of reading this. I'd delete the thread.

  • But I guess you can ask how many female riders have entered and the possible stress to all of their families of reading this. I'd delete the thread.


    Totally baffled why you'd post that e-mail on the world's largest cycling forum.

    RIP rider.

    Edit: failed to use quote function originally

  • Doubt there was any ill intent on frank9755's part. Bizarre why they communicated this before informing family etc.

  • Placed within Members Only until such a time that I am informed that the family of the rider have been informed.

    There's still a large community on here who can see this, but it keeps it non-public and out of the sight of Google.

  • FYI I found this thread via google so this part of the forum is also public-ish.

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  • Velocio will know, but I'd guess that's simply because Google got to it before it was moved.

  • Exactly that. And they'll remove it as soon as it's indexed again.

  • I see frank got roasted. If you tell riders, its public. Perhaps they didn't have a proper risk managment plan in place - for what do do in this inevitable eventuality.

  • I'm surprised by the response this has got.

    There is zero possibility that the family of the rider who was killed will have found out from my post rather than through the appropriate channels. I cannot understand any other area of sensitivity. When someone gets killed doing one of these events it is not right to keep it a secret, it dishonours the person who has lost their life. It's not what happened with Mike, with Frank Simons or John Egbers or others.

    If it was me, I'd want the world to know about it and I would be very angry to think that anyone would try to cover up my death and deny it the publicity it deserved.

    The organisers have now sent out more info. They found out there had been an incident when they were contacted by the Hungarian police who asked for emergency numbers but didn't tell them the full details. They then did some searches and found out the details from a press report. The article said that the rider was hit from behind by a vehicle moving in the same direction at 11:30pm on Wednesday night. The organisers had spoken to the rider's partner as soon as they realised what had happened so, presumably, before sending their first email which I quoted.

  • Should follow your own advice.

    @frank9755 has been around the Ultra scene for a long time. I'll trust he's thought about this at length.

    RIP rider. Disheartening news, and condolences to their family.

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  • When the family get to read the discussion on here about this tragedy I think they’ll be additionally dismayed by some of the discussion in this thread. Some of you might want to consider editing or deleting your comments.

  • I would like to read the news article, but I cannot find it. Is anyone a Hungarian speaker that might help. Thanks

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North Cape 4000 - rider killed in Hungary

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