FS, Fujifilm x100

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  • I done bought myself a new camera so offering this up for sale.

    It's an og Fujifilm X100. Bought new by me when they were pretty new to the market so probably 2010/11-ish.

    It's had light use I'd say so shouldn't be too high a shutter count.

    Comes with the original box which has kind of like a silk lined presentation case for the camera plus a separate box for all the cables.

    I always used it with the metal Hoya hood which I'm including along with the thread adapter you need to fit hoods and filters etc onto the front of the lens and I'm also including the original bezel and push fit lens cap (there has also always been a uv filter on the front of the lens but it fits one of the lenses for my new camera so I'm keeping it).

    The battery is brand new, just came today and it's a genuine Fujifilm one. When I went to photograph the camera last week I noticed the battery had started to bulge a bit so I got shot of it asap and ordered up a replacement. I've not even charged this new battery once yet.

    Manual, charger, cables to connect to your tv are all there. Not pictured is a USB cable but I'll find one and chuck it in.

    The strap is a Konica one, maybe called a 'Type D'. It's a shoulder strap that converts really easily into a wrist strap so is perfect for this kind of camera, infact I have them on a few of my cameras.

    The camera is in good used condition. It's been in and out of bags and rubbed against jackets and stuff so it ain't mint but its also nothing serious. The strap has rubbed around the left hand lug in particular a bit. There's a little ball of sugru on the menu button, a common mod which makes it a lot easier to use the button as a 'joystick'.

    I'd like £225 which would include postage by special delivery.


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  • More photies...

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  • It'll only let me do two at a time...

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  • Let's try three...

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  • classic! glws

  • I bought one of these on release day using my student loan - didn't eat for a few months but that supple satin cushion in the box made it feel worth it!

  • Dibs and PM'd etc.


  • Hopeful 2nd dibs! Will pm


FS, Fujifilm x100

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