Wallopers on wheels

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  • A few idiots behind the wheel yesterday got me thinking if there was a hierarchy of roaster who drive stupidly or like to get riled by cyclists?

    Works vehicles, Angry gammons in SUVs, taxis...

  • Everyone in SUV's. Strange status symbol shared by both wannabe drug lords in Croydon and entitled middle class mums in Chelsea. I'm not Glasgow obviously so maybe there are more people who legitimately need a vehicle like that.

  • for some reason Royal Mail van drivers and TFL/arriva staff/drivers who drive their SUV to the bus depot

  • I think it should be other way round just like presumed liability laws, we should consider every person behind a 'wheel' is a cunt unless proven otherwise

  • DPD Drivers.

    Close thread.

  • I have more sympathy for people whose employment depends on being quick. Doesn’t excuse it, but there’s a systemic issue with how they’re employed that is partly responsible.

    SUVs on the school run, not so much

  • I used to do the job, not for DPD but a few other companies and yes, it certainly was a bit mental time wise and its probably worse now. Just got chucked in a large sprinter van and left to get on with it.

    Invariably I get the most "oh f*ck!" moments from white van men absolutely hoorin' round tight corners, pulling out because they just cannot wait another 2 seconds and generally just being super sketchy.

    Special mention for motorcyclists who should know better buzzing past super fast and super loud.

  • I'd add: everyone who owns a BMW in Pollokshields. And the kids who think they're in Fast and the Furious because they park under the railway bridge at West Street and wank over eachothers' cars. And those twats who hire quad bikes and trikes and drive up and down my road all evening, even though they're 40 and should know better.

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Wallopers on wheels

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