Wanted: Campagnolo Record 12 disc shifter

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  • I'm looking for a right-hand front lever with 160mm caliper. If you have one or know where I can get one, let me know. Thanks!

  • I have a right hand lever and 160mm front calliper - new in box BUT it’s H11 - any good to you?

  • I've already got the left-hand one with Record 12 branding on it, so dunno if I could live with a mismatched one. Appreciate the reply nonetheless @Mikey5000

  • No prob - I hadn’t compared them previously but I reckon they are mechanically the same but for the extra gear (replacement ratchet?) and hood texture.

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  • Ah, thanks for taking photos! I think you're right on your points - it'd probably be possible to convert it to look and function exactly the same. Not worth the bother though IMO. The Record 12 ones are like goldust at the moment, as with lots of other cycling components :(

  • Agree - it cost me a kings ransom and a stressy wait from Starbike.de to get this - solely to get a calliper to fit my BMC - standard record front one didn’t fit!

  • Worth it in the end though

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  • Very nice 😍 Basically equivalent to the bike I’m building up, except I have a De Rosa Merak frame. I’m switching all the Record 12 components off my current rim brake bike, but obviously in need of that right-hand lever…

  • Just check that it doesn’t have a non standard flat mount plate on the fork - this properly stuffed my build for months and cost a packet - even Pogaca’s Colnago uses a back brake calliper on the front. I had to get a 140mm rear calliper to fit the BMC fork plate.

  • Good tip. Will check. Thanks

  • Is that a 160mm rotor you’re running at the front, despite it being a 140mm rear caliper?

  • Yep 160mm front and rear but it needed a 140mm rear calliper on the front to fit the bmc mounting plate…don’t ask.

    Works beautifully though.

  • This is BMC specific due to the fact they use their own proprietary adapter for the front fork.

    On non-BMC frames and forks:

    If you want to run a 160 up front, get the 160 caliper and there’s no need for an adapter.

    Same goes for the rear in case of both 160 and 140, pick the right caliper to match the rotor and there’s no need for an adapter.

    If however, you’d like to run a 140 caliper up front (no matter whether it’s with a 160/140 rotor) you’ll need the front adapter. It’s one and the same, to be mounted either up or down pending rotor size.

    Using a 140 caliper with a 160 rotor in the rear, requires the rear adapter. Using a 140 caliper with a 140 rotor in the rear doesn’t require any adapter.

  • There’s been a running change in Feb ‘21 to the DB 12s ergo’s. If you currently have have a left or right ergo and are looking to complete this with the missing, make sure to get the corresponding codes. Article codes starting with EP19 are different from the ones starting with EP21.

    The calipers have been redesigned and have a different shape, same brake pads however and both use mineral oil.

    All the above regarding adapters applies to both the EP19 and the EP21 versions.

  • This will not work.

  • Err it does. It was the solution Condor (and bmc) came up with and has been used by multiple builders with the same issue.

    And good luck to anyone trying to buy any spares from Campagnolo right now. I’ve been waiting since February for a brake calliper.

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  • As you say - looks like they have changed the design for this year - but unless you’re in a pro team you might struggle to get one.

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  • Even Dicky Carapaz had to run rim brakes today!

  • I was referring to the ergopower compatibility, not the caliper.

    The running change was introduced in February actually hence the hiccup in supply. They ran out of the old due to increased demand from the market and the new ones were facing a slight delay.

  • These are the only ones that have been supplied from end of Feb onwards, so no need for that team wattage to get hands on. ;)

    A bit of patience and ensuring there’s an order in the system somewhere with your name on it however is a requirement.

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Wanted: Campagnolo Record 12 disc shifter

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