• Pictures have tried to show wear, forgive their un-disassembled nature in the pics, will be taken apart and new pics can be added, just need the time to go to Brighton to do it.

    Toe wear to both cranks, chainring has fair amount of life left, non drive side crank bolt is worn but functional and not as rounded as some used omniums are sold with.

    Front wheel has been braked on and it of course did not come with a machined brake track. Eye sore - yes. A practical issue - no. Still a great set of wheels that have 900km on. 32mm depth, 18mm internal width, 21mm outer. Tubeless ready. Fixed/fixed Run £350 ish new, and these come with tires, tubes and your choice of three cog sizes (or all three tbf).

    Omnium package: cranks, chain ring, gxp bb - £110

    DT Swiss package: wheels, tires, tubes, cog, lockring - £190

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  • photo of og 48t ring

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  • Collection from London for wheels
    Could post the crankset

  • Hey man are the omniums still going? Thanks
    Edit: I saw the size on the title


SRAM omnium 165 + GXP bb + 48t ring / DT Swiss t1800 wheelset w/tyres, tubes, cogs, lockring

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