• Blue pedals dude!

    Sick build I love it.

  • Looks awesome. Looking for some misc bolts to match Hope colours too atm. Where'd you find yours?

  • Fucking 10 outta 10.

    Straight fire.... Love it

  • Very nice. I'll look out for this at BITW and come and say hello!

  • Great build

  • Thanks, everyone! Really pleased with how it turned out.

    +Skülly: Yes, blue pedals are on the wishlist. I'd love some Burgtec Penthouse MK5 on there. The black ones are what I had lying around. For BITW on the weekend, I'll use spds.

    +rcbprk They are cheap as chips china blue bottle cage screws from eBay. The Colour is great but I can't totally recommend them. They are soft as butter. I already broke one.

    +si_mon628 Yes please do! We'll try to arrive early-ish on Friday.

  • Yeah nice!

  • So this bike had its first proper shakedown ride(s) at this year brother in the wild. And I fucking loved it! It turned quite a few heads and got a lot of street trail cred.

    I rode the very easy Downslink on my 650B Raleigh a few weekends back as the first full day on a bike since my accident in May. And while the Raleigh was perfectly capable of handling it all my still rather weak hands very extremely tired in the end from the cantilever brakes.
    Having this pale violet beast enabled me to have a lot of fun at BITW. It took me a few miles and a few sketchy moments to get back into some more technical off road riding. It will still take some time until I can fully send it and be back at the level I was before the accident but I am so happy to be back on bikes.

    Needless to say @Tijmen s fullframe bag did an amazing job at carrying food, tools, layer, swim gear, first aid kit etc. It's extremely spacey and well organized. I can only recommend Tijmens services.

    Bike rocks!
    Fullframe bag rocks!
    Most comfortable ride post broken wrists!

    Here have some pictures:

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    • Photo 19.09.21, 10 32 53.jpg
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    • Photo 10.09.21, 14 53 09.jpg
    • DSCF2548.jpg
    • DSCF2975.jpg
  • I must say, I like this lifestyle.

  • So, for now, I am very happy with it.
    Things I might add or change in the near future are some blue ESI chunky grips.

    Maybe some nice flat pedals? Blue or silver Hope H20s or Burgtec MK5. I am bit hesitant to spend big cash on them at the moment because on longer tours or day rides I still prefer spds.

    I also have one of these on-one head badges. But the blue is a bit darker compared to the other bits so I am not yet sure whether I want to throw it on.

  • TLDR:
    Fullframe bag rocks!

  • Looks great out in the wild - colour is bang on, works perfect with the blue. I'd probably leave the headbadge off or get a random custom one - the ESI blue grips might be a bit "BLUE" - some of the £20 eBay special alloy pedals get decent reviews if you don't want to launch £100 at them.

  • Perhaps I missed it but which bars are they? Was considering the 660mm Ritchey classic 10° for my own wanker build. Duh kyote got it.

  • You’ve made me regret selling my inbred.

  • Well I'm double-chuffed about buying my second

  • Amayzzing

  • Had a pallet full of those Burgtec pedals in the yard at work this morning, the temptation was strong, but I'm a good boy, so didn't.
    Loving the wanker hybrid.

  • Very nice bike, you did a great job.

    What bars are they?

  • This is so sick!

    Colours & parts selection on point. Glad it goes well too.

    Also interested in bars...

  • Ritchey Kyote.

  • Brexit crust is so so good. Can confirm it’s rides good. Enjoy it!

  • So I just realized there might be a way or two to combine the urge for silver/blue matching pedals and SPDs. They aren't cheap though and have follow-up costs. I am using Shimano SPD pedals and cleats on most of my bikes and all my shoes. So I would need to change them too...

    Does anybody here have experience with the Hope pedals? I am hearing a lot of good stuff about the HT ones.

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    • hope-union-clip-pedal-rc-blue.jpeg
    • 218852-00-d-416676.jpeg
  • Not a real update here as I didn't change anything on the bike. I took it for an overnighter to New Forest though and I just have to point out how great these handlebars are.
    With the shape, you have about the same reach as a straight or riser bar but the angle it gives you for your wrist adds so much comfort! I can only recommend them.
    A bonus is that on faster (g)road bits you can grab them closer to the centre and have a slightly more tugged position. I saw some people wrapping that bit with some bar tape and I might do the same.

    P.S.: If you are looking for a nice inclusive group ride in New Forest try @newforestoffroadclub

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    • Photo 04.09.21, 11 13 49.jpg
  • I was just looking at Kyotes again... How do they work with your Shazam?

  • I use spacers so the Shazam sits slightly below the bars if that makes sense? Works like a charm.

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    • 656DC32C-A14B-431E-A42E-030CF73DBE5D.jpeg
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[Archived] The Hybrid Wanker Touring Broken Wrist Recovery Bike

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