The Hybrid Wanker Touring Broken Wrist Recovery Bike

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  • Obviously

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  • Haha!

  • The votes are in. Nobody liked green (Sorry +Maj ). It's a perfect tie between Yellow and Violet. So that didn't help either :D.
    I am (currently) settled on Pastel Violet based on the fact that I already own two yellow bikes. Not sure why but this kinda slipped my mind ¯_(ツ)_/¯. Maybe because I didn't specifically pick the colour for them or because they are yellow.

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  • It’s ok, the people are simply not ready to push the scene forward, happens all the time

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  • I still don't buy yellow things because I had a year where I accidentally bought a lot of yellow stuff (bike, coat, bag) and looked ridiculous. I'm glad you're turning the tide before it's too late.

  • Hope your wrists heal as well as possible. Bike’s going to be awesome, pastel violet a good choice too!

  • I really want a ssmtb in my life! this looks nice as it is.

    but looking forward to re up!

  • +russmeyer Thank you! I checked in with the doc yesterday and I am on a good way.
    +Josh It is a lot of fun as a SSMTB. It was important for me to keep the possibility to go back to it. It's quite simple because it will only be 1x10 and fully housed externally routed. So I can remove the gears reasonably quick.

  • I saw the frame is waiting to go off in clever mike, lots of eyelets!

  • Ah, noooo is it still there?
    I dropped it off at the beginning of this month...

  • Yeah they closed for a week, but Steve didnt come before they did - he's coming next wednesday so should be done soon after that

  • Guess I gotta be patient. I was hoping to build the bike now that I am back from vacation and allowed to carefully ride bikes again.

    In the meantime, I have been chatting to @Tijmen. And he is going to make an awesome full frame bag for this bike.

    There is also a wheelset on order with Arkane. We waited for weeks on some Hope hubs but apparently, they turned up yesterday. Final small bits are ordered. So once I get the frame back and the wheels are laced this should be all ready to be built <3

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  • If I see it back I'll let you know, I still need to come south at some point so I can potentially drop it to you.

    Frame bag looks perfect addtion, what colour?

  • Thank You!

    @Tijmen finished the frame bag and send it on its way. Really hyped for it.
    With all the violet, shiny silver, and blue anodized parts I decided to keep it calm with the bag.
    The Black / Black Multicam Rolltop is mine. The doppeldecker is for the misses.

    My custom wheels with Arkane are due on Friday-ish.
    Hopefully, the frame is done soon. I am itching to build up this bike.

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  • This is overdue for an update.
    The custom frame bag arrived and is just awesome. Kudos to @Tijmen for the great work.
    I was also able to pick up the wheels from Martin last Friday and they are bang on what I imagined for this build. I set them up tubeless with the 2.25" WTB Rangers from the previous iteration of this bike. Proper bling wheelset.

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  • The frame i was having painted is back so yours may be too btw

  • Hah, you and I broke our wrist at the same time.

    I just gone and brought a Trek to sell after it healed.

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  • There is a lot to like about this thread. Reminds me to get on with my own wanker hybrid baby carrier project.

  • +spotter Yes it is! I picked up the frame on Wednesday after work
    +edscoble Oh No! Sorry to hear. I hope you are healing up alright. I can now ride bikes again but it still hurts and my left hand tires quickly.

    Okay, so for the big news. This is kinda done. In the end, it was super fast because I had every little screw waiting for it. Brake hoses and gears were already set up from the previous build. I literally just had to screw bits together.

    So without further ado, I want to share the latest addition to the stable with you. I have only taken it out for a loop up and down the tiny hills in burgess park. So no serious riding yet.
    It looks stunning, climbs like a pretty goat, puts a smile on everybody's face, and is actually quite gentle on my wrists. Seems to tick all boxes.

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  • The boring side view

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  • The next steps are fitting the full-frame bag made by @Tijmen, Figuring out my setup for BITW with this bike and I guess it needs a name?

  • 😍

  • Mmmm that's goood

  • Is a dream! Very well done

    Want a big bike!!!

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  • That’s cool. The colour was a good choice.

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The Hybrid Wanker Touring Broken Wrist Recovery Bike

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