The Hybrid Wanker Touring Broken Wrist Recovery Bike

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  • I recently broke both my wrists (not wanking related) and I am itching to get back on a bike. This will still only happen a few weeks from now and even then I will have to be gentle to my wrists. Riding an aggressive fixed gear or road bike will most likely be to much stress on my wrists. So I need something a bit more upright, squishy tyres for suspension, slow and good brakes.
    While I could change the handle bars on my WIP Raleigh I don't see why I should do that if can build a whole new bike instead ¯_(ツ)_/¯
    Well not entirely new to be fair. I just got really into revamping this SSMTB sleeping in my shed.

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  • Inspired by such amazing threads as
    Hybrids / bad mountain bikes / insta wagons / bling rigids - please, i beg, no 700c 😩
    and SSMTBs
    I spent way too much money on shiny silver and blue anodised parts.

    1. 180mm Blue Hope Discs
    2. Blue Hope Headset
    3. Silver Thomson Steam, spacer and headset cap
    4. Some Blue Screws
    5. Silver White Industries Square Taper Eno Cranks
    6. Silver Thomson Elite Setback Seatpost
    7. Blue Hope Seatpost Clamp
    8. Blue or Silver Muc Off Tubeless valves (haven't decided yet)
    9. Silver Ritchey Kyote Bars
    10. Some Ergon Grips

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  • I rode this as a budget MTB before with a removable derailleur hanger and a CX wheelset that's actually too narrow for the 2.25" wide tyres. I always wanted to get a derailleur hanger brazed on but also liked the idea of still being able to run this single speed with the horizontal dropouts.
    This was a job for Winston Vaz and while at it I asked him to add a bunch of stuff I might want to use in the future.

    1. Derailleur hanger and cable guides
    2. All the bottle cage mounts! specifically, a triple cage mounts on the seat tube, down tube and below the down tube. So I can move cages up and down or use them for a bolt-on frame bag.
    3. Additional rack barrel mounts
    4. A chainstay bridge to accommodate mudguards if I ever want them on this bike.

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  • There is a very clear inspiration for this build if you can call it that when it's actually a very shameless copy.
    I just really dig this Surly SSMTB by @sendit_safely on instagram. So some of the components are quite similar and I might even get the frame powder-coated in the same colour.

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  • After the braze ons the frame obviously needs a new powder coat. I am currently torn between two colours.

    A: Broom Yellow RAL 1032 aka DHL Truck aka the same as that Surly

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  • B: Pastel Violet RAL 4009
    Both go very well with the silver and blue finishing kit in my opinion so it's a tough call.

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  • Excellent use of the hybrid wanker money gun there, this is going to be RadToTheMaxAwesome!

    My vote goes to Pastel Violet fwiw.

  • Following. I'd probably go yellow, but there you go!

  • Loving the premise and ATB with the recovery (although it was almost definitely a wanking-related injury).

    I'm going to go for yellow too.

  • DHL yellow all day, it’ll make the blue pop!

  • not wanking related

    Saying this makes me think even more that it's wanking related


  • Haha!
    Well it definitely was a wanker who decided to randomly turn left into the bike lane and knock me off my bike.

  • Nice pile of bits there, tough call on the colour - both would work nicely, the lilac maybe more with the tan walls. You sticking with the carbon fork? always think this type of hybrid-insta-chariot looks best with a colour matched heavy steel fork with a wine bottle rack on each side.

    I wanted those silver kyotes for a recent MTB build but impatience took over & I bought the black ones... obviously I haven't ridden the thing since I put them on. Not because I broke my wrists wanking though.

  • This is great so far, loving the amount of holes you had put in the frame

  • Yellow

  • yellow out of the options,

    But wild card for the mint colour of that bartape in the crust pic

  • Another vote for yellow!

  • yellow!

  • subb'd looks like its going to be great!

  • For now, I'll stay with the tans because that's what I have.
    And yes there will be a colour-matched steel fork with more holes in it.
    This surly fork is already here.

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  • Hm, I see what you mean. This Sour is also quite sexy.

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  • That's the one - so many holes!

  • this is it imo

  • You can now vote in the stories of my Instagram :D

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  • Yellow!

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The Hybrid Wanker Touring Broken Wrist Recovery Bike

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