• Kinda strange setup dolan pre cursa for sale - my brother bought it used a couple weeks ago and decided fixed gear is not his bag.

    raw Dolan Pre Cursa 54cm frame + Leader 105TR fork (headtube and fork painted black) provisionally spoken for
    SRAM ominiums 165mm + gxp BB + original 48t chainring (runs smooth, toe rub wear to both cranks but not horrendous) £110
    DT Swiss t1800 wheelset + contintental ultra sports, tubes, cog, lockring + spare 14t and 16th cogs if you want them (around 900km old, front has been used with a brake (sacrilege), back hasn't, otherwise in good shape) £190

    Would take offers on any other part one can see in the photos, they're not that exciting or of any value so I can't really see the point in listing them as - most likely - no one will want them anyway.

    Do let me know if prices are off - I'm sure you guys will anyway.

    Collection/viewing in Brighton.
    Could be brought to London (as I've gotta go to Brighton dismantle it anyway)

    Cheers guys.

    *first drive side photo is with an old stem, the stem it comes with is the PRO one pictured below

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  • More pics

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  • splitting now

  • I would be interested in the omniums if you and your brother split. Cheers.

  • Wheels if you split please

  • @3c70 a split isn't completely off the cards I just really have no idea what I'd price either of those parts given the wear

    *and pretty much all the value of this bike is in the wheels, cranks and f+f

  • Yeah that's fair. It's hard to price omniums in general.

    I'm waiting for an offer on ebay for some 75s. If it doesn't work out I'll let you know and see if a splits possible.


  • and pretty much all the value of this bike is in the wheels, cranks and f+f

    I mean... that's all the major parts that make up a fixed gear anyway ;)

    I think this is pretty reasonably priced and looks like it should be great fun to ride, GLWS.

  • Hahah that is quite true! I guess I meant it was missing the usual fancy thomson accessory pack for the added $$$

    Ah that's good to hear - especially as I encouraged him to buy it by saying it was a fair bargain at that price haha. Cheers man.

  • I’m interested in the full bike!

  • Now splitting - F+F currently claimed. Wheels and crankset are the nicer bits left.

  • Brake track on the rear wheel? Can it take a freewheel or is it fixed/fixed?

  • No machined brake track on either - front has been braked on and I guess inadvertently made a track of sorts... (by previous owner). Understandably an aesthetic put off for someone who wouldn't use a front brake, but in my understanding it isn't a structural issue? so is still a good, light, wide rim with dt swiss quality hub. The rear hub is fixed/fixed.

  • Brake wear and NDS crank bolt close up

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  • Price drop:
    £190 takes the wheels and tyres
    £110 takes Omniums, chain ring + bb

  • Going to move these items to the components section as it is more suited now. Sorry for hassle. Please delete this if you like mods!


Splitting: Dolan Pre Cursa 54cm raw w/ Leader carbon fork, kinda worn Omniums, DT Swiss t1800 wheels

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