Apollo Plateau fixed gear bodge bike build

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  • @Jonny69 it's Welkin Mill, Stockport

    @Belagerent From ASOS, called “Super skinny Cropped Smart Trousers In Mini Check” (out of stock). According to the label, their gravel credentials are imbued by a combination of polyester, viscose and elastane. (I mention this because though these have a similar pattern, the fabric is different).

    Asos trousers

  • New pic for new page

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  • Over 100km on this death machine now and am pretty pleased with it, even with the bog standard tyres. Added new grips and a Jtek mini front rack.

    The crankset of doom creaks a bit when pedalling; probably just need to tighten the crank bolts.

    Still no slippage on the quick release rear wheel.

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  • Basket added. The forum-recommended Wald baskets seemed a bit ostentatious for this bike, and the Ikea alternatives were out of stock, so I went on eBay, where you can buy two (small) wire baskets for £6.

    Also replaced the worn Mavic front wheel with a Campagnolo Stheno

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  • I held off for as long as I could, but finally relented and added mudguards. It's got the clearance and the mounts so there's no excuse for showing up at the pub all wet and muddy

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  • Looks even better with mudguards imo - but fenderlines could be improved.

  • 100% agreed, guards are awesome.

  • Thanks, will fine-tune, of course.

  • Thought I might try the handlebars the right way up for a change. Also added some new tyres.

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  • Big improvement, looks great!

  • Super cool. I've run a similar setup on an old MTB frame and it makes for lovely riding.

    It sounds like you don't like the mudguard aesthetic so maybe you could spray em black to hide them better? That way they kinda blur into the tyres

  • What are guards? Asking for a friend

  • Looks really really great with the new tyres and bars switched around - does it feel much different to ride now? Guessing a lot more relaxed?

  • I actually liked the bars upside down, gave it a nice path bike look. But yeah, good work.

    Is it a proper fixed hub? I’ve probably got enough crap in the garage to knock up something similar for myself, other than a fixed hub.

  • @crossedthread Guards are SKS Chromoplastics in 65mm. Got mine locally but they're currently only £15 at Planet X.

    @hvsds Seems like it but haven't gone on a proper test ride yet. If it feels too relaxed then I might flip them back again.

    @jj72 No, it's a VeloSolo 6-bolt disc cog on an ordinary mountain bike hub (the other side is a freehub with nothing on it).

    @Slappingpythagoras I actually like the aesthetic now. Feel like the silver matches the cranks, handlebar etc. I am a mudguard evangelist; just thought it looked weird before with the knobby black tyres.

  • Guards and a basket make this so good

    Personally preferred the bars the other way up though.

  • Wasn't a fan of the upright bars at first, but they're growing on me. May eventually change back but will keep as is for now.

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  • The Prowheel forged crankset of doom has worn my chain out after just a few hundred kilometres, by virtue of being slightly too thick, though not explicitly an 1/8" chainring. Maybe it's somewhere in between 3/32" and 1/8", for the worst of both worlds.

    Fitted a new chain and a less dodgy-looking Suntour crankset I found.

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  • New crankset is much less deadly

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Apollo Plateau fixed gear bodge bike build

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