• I recently bought a road bike after not having cycled for a good year or so, absolutely love it but its got me hungry for a fixed again. My gear cable just snapped and its got me eager for the simplicity again.

    I've been looking at track frames, however, they seem to be fairly few and far between atm. They're also nearly always out of my price range!
    I was considering just using a road frame, but a big part of me wants to go fully track and have a built for purpose fixed gear rather than having to convert a frame like I used to.

    How many of you ride a track frame and how many have just stuck the parts on a road frame? what advice can you give me and what are your thoughts on the matter? Would be interested to hear everyones opinions!


  • Single speed frames are a thing, you don't need a track bike.
    Arguably you'd be better off not getting a track bike for the road, brakes are cool now.

  • The majority of single speed bike are the £300 kind (heavy steel one).

    The second most common is old road frames converted into fixed, it's actually better because it be more comfortable and better suited for daily riding than a proper track bike.

    There are "track" frames that build with road in mind such as the Surly Steamroller.

  • Depends a lot on the road frame innit? My first fixed gear was a converted road bike. With my lack of experience I hadn't considered the bottom bracket height as an issue and had some proper oh shit moment as my pedals would strike the tarmac even at relatively modest turns.
    Unless you have a very good understanding of the geometry of the road frame you're buying I'd say it's better holding out for a track frame and get it right the first time.

  • TBH it’s not really a pressing issues long you have 165mm crank and MTB clipless pedals.

  • A proper track frame will have no tyre clearance and steep angles. I'd prefer a road conversion or a Steamroller type road track.

  • Yeah, Surly, Soma, Condor, PX, etc. I'm sure there's loads more road-appropriate fixed options

    Soma Rush flashback. Who buys white tyres?!

  • Over the last couple of decades I’ve only ever used proper single speed frames, some langsters, a Dolan and now an old school pinnacle which is single speed but nothing like a track bike. Personally I couldn’t be bothered with the faff around converting a road frame to fixed, having done this years ago, ymmv.
    With regards to a track frame, for year around commuting and longer rides I prefer to have guards and a bottle cage or two nowadays (as well as a more comfortable geometry)which rules track frames out.

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How many of you ride track frames over 'converted' road frames?

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