• Picked this up this morning off a nice old lady. My wife has wanted a fire pit for ages but I’m not willing to spend £100 on a fire pit.

    So I thought this might make a decent fire pit. I’m going to clean it up and put some stove black paint on it.

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  • Like it

  • That will rust like a motherfucker.

    We had a cast iron log burner. When renovating our house it was left outside under a plastic tarpaulin. At the end of the building process it was completely covered in rust inside and out. It took hours with an angle grinder to remove all the rust, it then needed repainting with fireproof paint and for good measure all the seals replacing.

    So if you thinking of leaving it outside it will get fucked up fast.

  • Don’t piss on his bonfire…

  • It would make a nice planter :)

    Please don't burn wood in your house, or garden, especially if you live in a densely populated area. If so, you likely live in a smoke control area. https://www.gov.uk/smoke-control-area-ru­les

    All wood smoke, even so called kiln dried or smoke free, makes people sick. "When wood is burned, even in newer certified wood stoves, it creates localized particulate pollution hot spots and releases surprisingly high levels of harmful toxins such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), benzene and dioxins into our environment. Wood smoke shares many of the same toxic chemical compounds as tobacco smoke, but evidence suggests it may be even more harmful."


  • especially if you live in a densely populated area

    Please can someone explain how it is that everyone in with disposable income and thinks they live in the fecking countryside installs a stinking wood burner in the city of London.
    I'm sick of it. You smell it all the time cycling through the hillier, less affordable parts of Sydenham and of course, Dulwich.

  • Because a roaring fire in the dead of winter looks great on their Instagram, it's the only reason to have one!

  • Just wanted to say, it's a nice item and as someone who grew up partly in the countryside I understand the enjoyment of a wood fire. Was a focal point of the family home for us for years.

    I started looking into all this when I suffered fume and smoke exposure at work and got sick. I now have a very low tolerance for particulates and regularly have to shut all the windows in my flat due to people burning wood nearby. My sinuses block up immediately, I get headaches and a rasping cough. For anyone with asthma or other respiratory conditions domestic wood burning makes life miserable. Domestic solid fuel burning accounts for a growing proportion of urban air pollution, mainly because wood is the dirtiest fuel there is, even worse than diesel. Air pollution contributes to around 40k premature deaths a year.

  • We better not talk about biomass power stations then. So hot right now

  • Biomass power generation is a public health and environmental disaster dressed up as "sustainable" by those who stand to make profits. A bit like modern stoves and firepits.

  • They are not burning the correct kiln dried wood.

  • Completely agree.

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Cast iron fire place - or is it an outdoor fire pit???

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