Glasgow powder coater

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  • Oh that is nice.

    I had dropped the frame off at esp and ended up settling for a much brighter shade of red than I wanted.

    I was to bring the fork back to have it matching but decided to keep the fork as is.
    I was tempted to ask for the frame back from esp and just have it painted at Armour. But it was too much fannying about and gave them the go ahead on the frame a couple days ago.

    If I really don't like it, worst case I'll have it repainted next year!

  • That's came out really nice!

    I was tempted to go for something very dark green.
    The colour selection process at esp isn't great though.
    I ended up just looking through all the bits he had sitting in the container.
    Seen a metallic red car wheel, pointed at it and said "just like that one please" 😂

    I did see a other frame hanging up that had been done in a two colour fade. But the guy Trevor made it quite obvious he couldn't be arsed with it and steered me to a single colour.

    Anyone know any good sites that could make up some Kona decals for me?

  • Finally got my frame back from esp.
    I hadn’t actually asked how much it was going to be. If just assumed £50 to £65 going by what was said here.

    It cost £90. The chap took a long pause when I asked what I owed. It seemed like he’d made the price up to be honest.

    But I went with a metallic candy apple Red rather than one of the plain solid colours. I’m guessing these fancy paints make up the difference in price. I couldn’t be bother to argue it as it’s came out looking really nice.

    There’s always a but though…
    When I got home I noticed a spot round the top of the head tube isn’t great. Then there’s a couple of bits where excess paint has run and pooled up leaving a sort of solid blob.
    Hardly a massive issue but for £90 it’s not the best overall work.

    But I do really like the colour. Was worried that it would be too bright but as soon as I seen it I was pleased.

  • Some photos.

    I like the colour and can put up with the minor blemishes that aren’t really that big a deal. Just mildly annoying.

    I think next time I’ll try one of the places in Edinburgh though.

  • Do you remember how much it cost?

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Glasgow powder coater

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