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  • Any recommendations for getting a frame powder coated in or around Glasgow?

    Back in the gfgss fixie skidder days there was a place up in Possil called ESP that folk seemed to use. Anyone used them recently?

    Would like a deep cherry red/burgundy with a glittery sparkly flake effect!

  • Not used ESP personally but @wiresmith is about to take a second frame to them after t the first one came back very nice.

    Not a huge range of colours or very good customer service skills but good finish.

    Avoid p&j on the southside, I have used them, they are cheap, you get what you pay for.

  • @TotalShanner I'll be dropping a frame with ESP this week and collecting it probably week after next, shall I report back ?

  • That would be great thanks.

    Do they offer just solid colours or can they do a sparkly effect?

    Got any photos of the finish of the first frame you took? Would be keen to see that.

  • or very good customer service skills but good finish

    Haha yeah from memory I think this was the general consensus back then too.

  • @TotalShanner Here's a picture of the Genesis IO I had powder coated about two years ago. The process of colour selection was something like this:
    "What colour do you want it?"
    "A sort of green, khaki colour?"
    -geezer goes and rummages around and comes out with some object that had been powder coated
    "Like this?"
    "Yes, that's close enough."
    I wouldn't go expecting too much in terms of choice, I think their 'bread and butter' is more pedestrian powder coating jobs, you know, car parts, boxes, basic metal parts etc. You could always do the sparkle yourself with some Spraybike sparkle top coat.
    Anyway, I was pleased with it, and @M_V assembled it, so perhaps he comment about how clean the threads were etc

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  • so perhaps he comment about how clean the threads were etc

    I think they were ok but I probably chased and faced it anyway.

  • Haha!
    I was just speaking to my wife there and she's reminded me that we were driving past once(atleast ten years ago) and I stopped and went in to chat to them. I vaguely now remember it but my wife says I got back in the car and didn't seem too keen..

    Do you mind me asking how much it cost?

    Sparkly effect wise I'm not too fussed but would like to recreate the paint job on my Sutra like this.
    Doesn't look that great in the photo but quite nice in sunlight

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  • Just spoke to the main man on the phone, and he was very personable.

    "What colours do you have?" I asked.
    "What colour is it you want?"
    "Dark/Forest Green if possible."
    "Sure we can sort something out"

    Pretty obvious to say, but they expect the frame stripped down and free from oil and grease, if they have to degrease it themselves then they charge extra. Heading up there in a bit.

    I will of course report back on the rest of the process and pricing, and pictures too.

  • Thanks dude much appreciated.

    I'll most likely go with them anyway as it doesn't seem like there's too many other options in Glasgow.

    Let me know how it goes :)

  • £65 for the main frame (no forks in this case). That's with the colours he had in stock, he says others are available but may charge more for special orders. And he can handle sparkles too. Was affable, presentable and professional. I'll post back in a week or so when I get the frame back.

  • This is just what I wanted to hear thanks.
    Theres a place in stockport that can do the flake effect but it would involve either posting it or asking my brother in law who lives near there to handle it for me.

    I'll give esp a ring today and ask about the flake sparkly thing I'm after.

    Just sanded and put on a new clear coat to the frame there but it's definitely not my best work.

    I'll update here with the results once it's been powder coated too

  • ESP are good - had a few frames done by them, this was the last one - bronze powder (no clear)

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  • Be a pal and see if they have any neon pink powder in too :)

  • Not Glasgow, but if you're willing to drive / train over to Edinburgh Henderson's Metal Finishing is very good. A lot of experience with bikes, good prices, good service and can get the paint or powder in the finish you like.

    My friend had her fixed gear done in a copper type sparkle finish.

  • Just off the phone to esp and says I can pop down just now with the frame to see about a colour match.

    Best way to whack a headset out without the correct tool? Rubber mallet and punch?

    I'm hopeful they will just let me leave it with them when I go down but I'll need the headset out...

    I'll Google hendersons metal finishing, don't mind traveling for a good job

  • Given there is no decent powder-coater for bikes in Aberdeen, a lot of folks up here go down to Hendersons. They know which parts to mask etc.

    They do wet paint also for a very reasonable price.

  • Cool I'm going to look into them. I was keen to rush down to esp with the frame there but realise that smacking the headset out without the proper tool could end in tears.

  • I've got a headset removal tool and rubber mallet if you need to borrow it. Usually it's only a 2 minute job unless its stuck in good. Also got some Plus Gas for the more stubborn headset in your life. Let me know.

  • Thanks for the offer! My pal just said I can borrow his but decided I'll buy one too as I realise its a gap in my ever expanding tool kit..

  • You've also got Armour custom cycles (based out of eastside bikes) in Edinburgh. They'll do wet paint in any crazy scheme you can dream up for pretty reasonable prices. Another £50 more than hendersons usually but they'll do waaay more involved stuff. Andy's bad at social media ... but there's some stuff here­cycles/

  • Thanks, had a look at their insta and it all looks like good work.
    I dropped the frame of at ESP in Glasgow the other day and I've to bring the fork in but I'm now having second thoughts on going with ESP. They couldn't do the colour that I wanted and I ended up settling with a bright metallic red. But the more I think about it I realise theres no point in settling for something I'm not 100% on.

    Gonna be a tad awkward but I'm gonna go down and get the frame back in the morning and get quotes from Hendersons and Armour.

  • Another recommend for Armour. The job they did on Number Eight was glorious and not that much more money than powder coat.

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  • I'm sure that is who I used to get my peugeot conversion done waaaay back in the day. It was immaculate and hard wearing until a london driver put paid to it.

  • Got my frame back from ESP yesterday. £65. Very happy with the job, here's some pics. I think he hung it from the seat post clamp, there's the tiniest minor defect. Pictures here

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Glasgow powder coater

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