• Any interest in my commuter? I'm moving abroad and I could take it with me but if someone's willing to throw money at me I can also sell it now and save me the trouble. It's stickered and 'decorated' with nail polish.

    It's a On One Free Ranger XL (carbon), SRAM Rival 1x, hydraulic brakes, PD-8 dynamo, metal guards, gravelkings, using Mary flat bars but also comes with flared drops if you want to swap it around.

    Geometry here.

    An odd deal, a lot of good stuff but made to my liking and possibly no one else's.

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  • Yes, chain is pretty much made of rust by now. A commuter without commute. Sad.

  • Is this your best price?

  • It's my fair price

  • Even fairer now

  • Quite like that paintjob! GLWS

  • The more I think of it the more I want a cargo bike, which this ain't.

    This eventually ends with me being lowballed to death on eBay and making a terrible sale for less than user1234 would offer. But first I have a message to that someone on here who's being opening this page once in a while and thinking erm mmm nah:


  • Hi, I'm really interested in this bike! Is everything in working order? Would I need to fix anything on it?

  • Oh hello there! You will need good pedals, because these ones are just to get you home.

    Other than that it's all good. Don't forget you get the other cockpit too! And the hydraulic brake kit with syringe and some oil. And I'll fit a new chain.

  • Nice, thanks. Would you be able to supply proof of ownership for any of the components?

  • Yes, all of them

  • Closing thread. RIP in peace.


58cm On One Free Ranger, hydraulic brakes, dynamo, 2 cockpits,

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