Anyone got a bench grinder near Ealing?

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  • Trying to grind down some Speedplay mounting plate bolts to get the shitfucks flat and my dremel is shit.

  • Too much for a bastard file?

  • A grinder for a 4 or 5mm bolt? For fuck sake just use a file and being precise at the same time.

  • This is a classic 'ask for something specific and get random agressive alternative offers from people who aren't helping'

    Suppose a file might be awkward without access to a vice or clamp of some kind to hold the bolts.

  • No, pedal goes in the cranks, bolt in the pedal and you file it down. I was giving for granted that hippy has these basics.

  • Give Clefty a shout.

  • It wasn't one bolt, it was six and the goal was to keep the piece of metal they were holding down flat also. Since they were attached to an awkward to hold shoe, filing flat was not working well. In the end it took 3hrs of dremeling with the bits I had to get them as flat as I could be arsed. So yeah, bench grinder would've saved me a lot of time and swearing.

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Anyone got a bench grinder near Ealing?

Posted by Avatar for hippy @hippy