• Pal passed on some wheels (Miche Primato hub) he said was running shimano 10sp (although some time ago as wheels have been gathering dust for a while) putting an HG-500 cassette (with spacer) and the current owner of the wheels has found there's a massive gap between the free hub and the cassette (imagine a ring donut sat around a matchstick!) so it's rattling around like no ones business. If I haven't explained it well enough, I would really appreciate it if someone would have a look a video (WhatsApp!) which shows the issue and let me know what's going on (the fact the cassette slips over normally - although loose - and the splines clearly look shimano is confusing me!)

    what am I seeing but missing - either freehub not shimano (what is it then) or weird cassette thing going on but is fine on other hoops so can't be!


  • How loose are we talking about here?
    Is it the right thickness of spacer?
    Is it the right cassette for the freehub?
    Is the lockring done up tight?
    Have they forgotten a sprocket?

  • very loose like rattling pretty much - i've just msgd to confirm everything. yeah, 1.85mm spacer for 10sp on 11sp hub. The fact he's popped it on his other wheels and it's sound suggests the cassette Shimano HG-500 is sound. He did say the first sprockets (you know the 3-4 fixed/fused ones) are seemingly looser.

  • imagine a ring donut sat around a matchstick!

    Do you mean that the cassette rotates around the splines of the freehub instead of staying fixed? If so, something is damaged or hasn’t been correctly identified, most likely the freehub type.


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  • @yoav @Eseman

    problem sorted - he had the wrong sized spacer(s) - possible a washer that was merely masquerading as a spacer!

    thanks for your time/input

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Why is this cassette loose? As in free hub to narrow a diameter (not spacer missing)?

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