• For sale
    2 x bikes
    I am approx 2.03 cm about 6’7.5

    1 x my restored ‘87 hand built bromwich frame Reynolds 531c tourer
    Shimano group set

    Brooks saddle

    Thinking around £600

    1 x 2005 SCHILS racer

    Campag veloce 10speed group set
    New chain
    Winn carbon forks
    Zinn extra wide bars


    Looking for a robust Maxx or Zinn or similar, poss with Rohloff that can heavy tall guy around town and further afield and tow child/ dog

    The specs

    Centre of bottom bracket to top of top tube.

    Schils 710 mm
    Reynolds 672 mm

    Centre of bottom bracket to top of saddle.

    Schils 880 mm
    Reynolds 830 m

    Quick release to top of handlebars.

    Schils 730 mm
    Reynolds 755 mm

    Centre of seat tube to centre of head tube.

    Schils 671 mm
    Reynolds 610 mm

    Centre of seatpost to centre of handlebars.

    Schils 770 mm
    Reynolds 680 mm

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  • Can someone move this to Classifieds?

  • Apologies @Berylonherbike
    Not sure how to?

  • Potentially interested in the SCHILS, also have you seen the KHS Flite on the link below? Might be what you're after.


  • Thanks for sending link , they’re pretty stable machines , will have a look

  • Final price drop for these 2
    350 each

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final price drop 2 x v large frame complete bikes for sale, Reynolds 531 80s tourer and. 2005 SCHILS racer

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