Anthony La Paglia’s Trackshark

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  • So 86 from the frame number seems to be the build year which seems to be right when he moved into his shop at the time.
    I tried loosening the bolts on the rear wheel for fitting and instead of the bolts turning the seals loosened and unscrewed the hub covers instead. There’s a space for a hex key on the inside of the hub cover screw but a 4mm is too small and a 5 too big.. turns out because it was US made they’re using imperial measurements so need to get myself some new hex keys. Got in touch with profile racing and this seems to have been an issue with their early track hubs. This is what I got back from them.

    “So I believe you need a 3/16" allen key.

    That design did prove to be difficult to remove the cones. Later on
    this did change to a push on cones like how the BMX hubs work.”

    Got a mate with a set of imperials so going to see him when he’s back from work tonight to get this sorted for now and get some ordered for myself. At least got to see in and confirm it was sealed bearings, still spinning really nicely.

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  • Serious bike envy.... my size too...
    Thanks for sharing anyways:)

  • Always liked the look of profile track hubs as an alternative to phils!

  • Thanks bud, feeling very lucky to have found it!

    @50crates I know right, seem quite tough and the lockrings are about half an inch thick! Quite like the logo too, makes me think of the Philadelphia flyers.

    So at least the headtube is Columbus, hadn’t noticed this stamp before. Seems like an interesting mix I haven’t seen in a frame before, Columbus tubes, shimano dropouts and cinelli bb shell

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  • Two new builds that I’m very excited about combined, this bike on top of our new house foundations!

    Need to adjust the saddle angle a little but feels like one of the best fitting bikes I’ve ridden (although that is probably just excitement..)

    I swapped the regal saddle for a white concor, switched the cinelli 1a and 3ttt bars to a set of nitto bullhorns and a 3ttt quill I had lying about and took out the mks alpha for straps and replaced them with a white(ish) set of toshis.

    I know everyone will say the drops look better, and they definitely do aesthetically but there is a good climb in either direction to or from the ferry and so these will just be more practical day to day.

    Looking to replace the Thomson seatpost in time with something a bit more 80s feeling but kind of skint just now so that will happen in time.. unless anyone has a more typical looking 27.2 with a setback they’d swap?

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  • I understand I should probably get some callipers but don’t have any just now.. looking to fit the biggest tyres I can on this bike. These are 25c rubino pro 3s. I was hoping to fit 28s but just not sure if they’ll clear it and can’t afford to buy a pair that end up not fitting.

    If not 28s is there a decent 26c I can buy? Or are there 25s that always come up wider than measurements? I’ve read that schwalbe are generally a bit wider than their stated width. Any help would be appreciated!

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  • at first glance I would say, 28s would fit. I myself don't use 26s, but the spesh turbo (pro?) road tyre comes in 622-26, Pirelli P-zeros as well. No idea about Schwalbe being thicker on the rim, haven't used a schwalbe tyre in years.

  • Thanks very much. Think I’m going to try and search for some conti gps4000 25s as they seem to sit bigger than 25 but will look into those pirellis as well

  • Dimples?

  • The 25s are fine, but with some of the roads up here I know that just slightly bigger would be that bit more enjoyable

    @nuke excuse my ignorance, dimples?

  • He's from rAdelaide. If you want any more shit from a rugged Australian that grew up nearby just let me know. No thespians though, we're all out.

  • so need to get myself some new hex keys

    When I left home I bought a set of metric and imperial allen keys. I still don't think any of the imperial ones have been out of the case in 20 years!

  • dimples

    Squeeze in the chainstays so you can fit wider tyres.

  • I did wonder why your Tyre thread post bike had two different colours.

    How did you know it was LaPag's bike?

  • Haha I did think when I looked at those photos before uploading that it looked like pictures of 2 bikes..

    Yeah never come across a need for them before, the seatclamp bolt was a little loose with a 5mm so wonder if that is too?

    Ah that’s what they’re called, thanks. Guess mid 80s was not the time to be thinking of any kind of wide tyres on a track frame to consider putting them in. Is that relatively easy to do if I find a good frame builder locally, would hate to do that to the paint, but could just be considered patina?

    It was from an annual bicycle auction in a town called copake in northern New York. Only came across it because the link was posted on the forum. there were a bunch of his going and that was quite the selling point, wonder if he’s in trouble or just old and being chauffeured?

  • wonder if he’s in trouble or just old and being chauffeured?­

  • Haha I wish I’d known that before I bought it!

  • A massive thank you to @rcbprk who got in touch to offer these imperial hex that had sat unused in his toolbox for years.

    When I tried to offer any kind of money as a thank you he refused but asked if I could maybe sponsor him for a couple pounds for a fantastic challenge he has set himself. Doing some amazing multi day walks on his own and raising money for the End Violence Against Women Coalition.­r-women?d=PDRdzY0eUVCcS4%2Bvgjmn%2BvqDXO­I5MlJrt48AjOl5sTM%3D

    The money is going to a great cause and can hopefully spark some conversations which really need to be happening. Thank you again to a good person doing a good thing for a good thing! Heading out on his last walk soon and I wish him all the best!

    Bondhus are meant to be fantastic quality and come with a lifetime guarantee, really spoiling me with them being ball ends as well!

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  • Thanks @hippy ! Picked up a used set of gp4000 in 25 and they do feel noticeably bigger and a bit comfier than the rubinos, maybe just because I’m looking for it..? Clearance allows it to the point it almost feels like a small 28 would fit if these are a measured 27.. which surprises me for a track frame of this era

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  • Yeah, that's 👌

  • Love this!

    I think I still have a pair of used 28c Pirelli P Zeros somewhere, you can have them for the price of postage if you'd like to try it out cheaply. Let me know if interested and I'll dig them out (or discover I've actually thrown them out!).

    I have actually just removed 28c tyres from my Super Pista and put 23c on which i much prefer. They had no real clearance issues except if the road was mucky, the dirt would rub off noisily against the front brake and I'm too much of a scaredy cat to run brakeless on the road haha!

  • @ltc @DayTripper_Mk2 thank you very much, really chuffed with how it’s coming along. Not sure if the rims almost make it look stumpy if you know what I mean?Considering maybe switching to these wheels off my rossin..?

    @fc that would be great, thank you very much! As a thank you could I send you the rubinos I just took off these, they’re a 25 so might be your goldilocks size? Just put them on this so they’re pretty much new? It’s you with the black super pista isn’t it? Good job! It’s a nice level of colour coordination without being too matchy matchy!

    Haha talking about matchy matchy.. I noticed my pink fizik tape on my steamroller is a pretty good match to the pink on the rear of the trackshark… is that too much? Or is that exactly what fluoro green and pink track bikes from the 80s are for..? Would that negate the white saddle? If I did it would it suit a switch back to the regal it came with..?

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  • The fizik tape does look similar but I like the clean look of white/white, it almost renders the saddle and tape invisible and leaves your eyes free to ogle the frame without any distractions…. All my humble opinion only obviously. Lovely bike either way.

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Anthony La Paglia’s Trackshark

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