• Selling as realistically it'll never get built up and the Cooper is currently soaking up the funds..
    Can post at cost or can be collected Portsmouth
    It can also be brought up to London but earliest would most likely be early August.
    Cheers. Tom

    Atom track frame and fork
    56.5 ctc ST; 56 ctc TT
    Rear monostay
    Columbus Neuron tubing; lovely tig'd welding; nice and light
    In extremely nice and clean condition; no dents, cracks etc.
    No headset as per pics as it's been recommisioned elsewhere
    Asking £450 please

    Alos have an XL (approx 59/60) Roberts panto'd/Sigma road frame, Gazelle 653 roadie frame and a Klein Mantra Comp which realistically should go..
    Many thanks. Tom

  • Gazelle 653 you say? What size?

  • Any pics of the Atom Tom?

  • Might be interested in the Roberts, please could you DM me some pics? Family based in Felpham so easy to arrange collection etc.

  • It is indeed. Think it's 55.5sq from the top of my head but can check this weekend once home from work.
    @rootscommute yup will find
    @user85518 PM'd you, cheers. T

  • Just realised it's that Atom. Absolute beauty of a frame which worryingly is the perfect size for me.

  • Colour me interested! 👍🏻

  • Any pics of the Klein?

  • Atom pics.
    @jambon it is the one you talk about ;)
    Other pics hopefully tomo if work abates. T

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    • 6E695FB5-31E1-47A1-92B8-B37E35BB8430.jpeg
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    • 40B55ED2-D8DE-4EFC-AEB7-E96001B5C1AE.jpeg
    • 8DD26B5B-FA87-4071-B07F-E08779C93782.jpeg
    • D0946DD5-F32A-4214-8E81-F69DBFC4FDAB.jpeg
  • Aaaand Klein pics. Completely factory spec including pedals (not shown) and probably one of the cleanest and in best condition ones you’ll find. T

    2 Attachments

    • 77B6A4D8-5973-4E63-8C68-040043B5BDAD.jpeg
    • 035DD88B-A662-4768-AEB3-FEFD0F10E9E5.jpeg
  • Droooooool. Are the fork blades MAX?

    Damn. I have a sick wheelset, as yet unbuilt, crying out for that atom. Which would fit me.

    I am a totally rubbish trackie and it will only make me have to sell my current ‘iron’.

  • @Skülly they are indeed, the crown is built in/smooth with the blades.
    I know I’ll regret it once I sell it but it too good to be an ornament on my bedroom cabinet!

  • @Skülly provisional dibs for what you name your iron if you do sell. Very curious as to what it might be haha

  • Also interested in the Gazelle pending pics and confirmation of size etc :)

  • Hah it’s a pretty nice Geoffrey Butler with chrome stays, blades and biplane crown. I’d like to be buried with it. Come at me

  • Atom is provisionally sold
    Gazelle is 55.5/56cm ctc square.
    A few pics below. Lots of panto and tonnes of unique details, think these were only present on the 653 model.
    Ask away folks and many thanks. T

  • ..

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    • CF629929-A6CE-4491-9D3E-1E4951F3A632.jpeg
  • Atom is provisionally sold

    Slightly relieved, although if this falls through can I call 2nd dibs.

  • Hello and you certainly may, many thanks. I’ll update as it goes along.

    A quick locker visit yields a Schwinn Madison f&f. Think 56/58 but will check. Was meant to be an all weather fixed/SS but attention has turned elsewhere. Cheers. T

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Atom track bike frame and fork; monostay; Columbus Neuron

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