Serotta Colorado III Frame and Fork

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  • Lovely frame and fork but my time / money has gone elsewhere and I dont think I'll be building it up anytime soon. Should be ridden.

    Size 55

    54 tt c-c
    55 st c-c
    HT 15cm

    Carbon Serotta / Reynolds 02 fork.
    Dura Ace Headset
    Serotta ST collar
    BSA BB

    Flip paint - darker the light it gets bluer - lighter is more of a purple.

    small paint chips on the NDS TT. Other wise in really nice condition.

    Accepts a 25mm tyre. No more.

    Looking for £400 collected from Brockley. Can meet up somewhere in centeral. No posting atm.

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  • This is soooo nice

  • you're offloading quite the hoard of tasteful bike today

  • ridiculously nice. sadly not my size :'(

  • Would dibs. Too short alas! An inch, an inch, my kingdom for an inch!

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  • Fuck. My size.

  • Similar thoughts here...

  • Ooof.

  • Soo nice, I was hoping to save money this year… :(

  • Horizontal TT? 1 inch headtube?

  • Very cheap considered this was/still is top end steel bike. They don't make them like that no more.

  • Damn there's some nice bikes and frames for sale this weekend.

  • Pm’d

  • 57 would have me buying this in no time

  • Please no eBay style low ball offers via DM. Makes me sad.

  • Horizontal yes. 1 1/8 HT

  • this is LITERALLY @JB sized

  • I can hold it in loft for you JB

  • There shouldn’t be any offers on this. It’s a damn bargain.

    Just not for me right now and i don’t want to hoard.

  • beautiful and my size.
    I'm going to make up an excuse : the headtube pokes out a little too high for hhsrb ambitions, so i am out

  • Pm

  • Pls post as soon as this is sold so I can stop wondering whether I can live with 25s

  • if you have to ask, you probaly don't deserve it :)


Serotta Colorado III Frame and Fork

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