All-City Macho Man (and predecessor)

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  • Bought this on here from @tom-g with the intention of combining my commuter and gravel bike into one. Rearranged some things to arrive at this:

    55cm Macho Man (pre-disc version)
    Fulcrum racing something wheels
    700x38c Panaracer Gravelkings in lush purple (or knobbly 700x33c Michelin jet dry)
    Praxis M30 BSA BB with Levante (?) crankset, 44(ish)t NW
    10sp Sram GX shifter+derailleur
    Shimano cassette, 11-36 or something
    Marin Lite Cantilevers
    Paul Levers (!)
    One On Mike bars
    Velo Orange tall stack stem
    Cannondale C2 Al seatpost
    ISM saddle
    Sks Edge Al guards

    I'm really enjoying it - love the sram mtb shift action, and I adore those marin cantis, they're very clever and easy to get set up just so with the same spring adjustment mechanism that the Paul cantis have. The position and fat slicks are both very comfy.

    The reason for posting (other than to show off / get panned) is it's time for paint. It was sandblasted when I bought it. I really liked the way it looked raw so I tried to keep it that way: I gave it a pretty thorough spray inside and out with GT85. I'd been recommended Gibbs penetrant by an American friend, which I understand is used to protect raw steel bits on motorcycles sometimes but couldn't find it for sale here in UK. Anyway. It's rusting pretty quick so time to strip and paint. How to finish it??

    (pics are when I first set it up a few months ago - finish is rustier now)

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  • My first instinct was to go for a Jeff Gordon tribute. For the not-Americans, he was a very successful NASCAR driver when I was a kid. My dad was a big fan and the paint job was RAD. I got as far as buying all these paints then chickened out and returned them..

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  • Then I thought about keeping it raw: I could have it blasted again and then powdercoated clear for a no-hassle bombproof solution. Reading around online it sounds like rust will still develop underneath a clear powder coat but very slowly (see: Stridsland barz­). I could be down with that.

  • Or also raw, could try again with an oil coating rather than clear paint / pcoat. I've been recommended jade oil but couldn't find much about it as a metal finish. Would it get on my pants when standing over the bike or on my hands when carrying it? the GT85 didn't but it sucked as protection

  • Then I was thinking about some colored powdercoats. I've noticed a really nice middle gray on some modern cars, but I'm not sure what exactly it is. VW uses a color that looks really nice (I think it's their Pure Gray), I think it's close to RAL 7012. But it might also be a Skoda that I was noticing - they call it Metoer gray I think?

    I think this would look rad with some pink accents

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  • Or, lastly (for now) raw with pink accents - I could get it powdercoated clear and then on top of it?

  • You could look into Bluing as another option. Cold bluing or Rust bluing. It's what is used on Guns and a lot of machine shop tooling.
    It offers a mild corrosion protection but you can also oil the steel afterwards for better corrosion resistance and the steel should absorb some of the oil so I don't think it would feel oily.

    However colour paint or powder is the only true viable rust proof treatment

  • Interesting.. Looks like it comes out kinda black, that's nice. I hadn't heard of it but is that what Mone does on most of his bikes?­

  • Quite possibly!

    I saw it here too­

  • It’s THE car colour at the moment. Nardo grey is what Audi call it. Or flat grey.

  • in other news.. here's a shot of the bike this is replacing. I bought on here for 20 quid if memory serves, had a great time putting it toghether and trying out some local gravelly paths, and uncovered a few key problems, namely:

    1. bottome bracket is french threaded - for noobs like me: 2x right hand threads means it is always unscrewing itself. I never managed to get the bb tight enough or loctite enough to stay.
    2. bottom bracket threads are now gonnnne. Forked over 40 something pounds for a velo orange french bb, it also unscrewed itself, and now the whole thing slides in and out over the threads.
    3. I think the rear wheel spacing is not modern - either 130mm or 126
    4. the rear canti posts appear to have some kind of proprietary nut on the back. so when I tried to replace the brakes for something trendier, I found that the bolt just spins, and I can't get anything to grab the other end.
    5. it's a racing frame apparently, so has no useful mounts other than a single bottle cage

    But it's LIGHT and without measuring anything or knowing very much I liked the geo and the details in the lugs and cable guides.

    Moral of the story: if any framebuilder types want this frame and promise to take very good care of it you can have it. Otherwise I'm going to strip it for parts and hide the frame somewhere until I feel like paying someone 20 times what it's worth to sort it out.

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  • I think this (the NASCAR colourist) looks pretty cool, especially with the story behind it

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All-City Macho Man (and predecessor)

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