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  • It's all very well looking at the two and saying ah yes cycling/e-biking is more dangerous.
    But the stats say motorbiking is the most dangerous. By about 3x
    Though that is fatalities nationwide and not inner city

  • But the stats say motorbiking is the most dangerous. By about 3x

    1. I'm not sure the stats are current enough or granular enough to fully know the accident rates for e-bikes with the surge in usage.
    2. The argument made goes- e-bikes are often ridden with minimal to no experience of that speed, often with minimal to no protective gear. This, given the predilection of drivers not to notice motorcycles, with increased usage, will lead to more accidents and more fatal accidents, as the skillset required to pilot something at that speed is lacking. The same argument can and is made wrt E-Scooters.

    Time will tell.
    Anecdotally I hired a Lime bike yesterday and was struck by a) how quick they are, and b) how odd the power curve is.

  • I just like the idea I can ride on my car licence with no L plates . I'm not looking for speed just something to potter around on......

    Having come from riding step-throughs in London back in the day, I'd say go do a CBT and get one of the bigger bikes that can do 45mph or more. 50cc peds limited to 30mph were ok at first, but you quickly realised they were an accident waiting to happen. Impatient cars do the stupidest things. The extra power and speed of a 125cc would get you out of all sorts of trouble. That bigger Maeving looks much more like what you want IMO.

    There's an electric motorbike specialist in Teddington if you want to try some bikes out.

  • how odd the power curve is.

    You mean immediate full power at a turn of the pedals from stationary, tailing off just as you get up to a useful speed?

  • Jeepers that's spicy... for that money I'd much rather a Surron (£4.5k for road going version) and have something you can blast green lanes on too... they seem to have lots of options for mods too so for £6k I reckon you'd have a really nice one!


  • They are highly sought after by the criminal fraternity, I would feel very unsafe at a traffic light in London.
    Sad situation really, they are great.

  • E bikes are limited to assist of 15.5 mph in the UK. Assist at any higher speed then it is a moped or motorcycle. Kinda kills the speed argument. I have done near 1k miles on an e cargo bike, my average is 11.3 mph.

  • You are not the target market for e-bikes in general. To conflate your own speed with what people are used to is faulty logic. To people not used to a bike 25kmh is fast, and more over, the handling dynamics and braking dynamics are complex at that speed, and more complex with instant 250W(+) power.
    Even some regular cyclists don't exceed 25kmh, and that speed- at least anecdotally from users in my household 'feels fast'.

    Its much more difficult to see or understand the lack of something you feel is second nature, as you take it for granted. Bike handling, positioning in traffic, and power/brake-control on 2 wheels is complex, and is not part of most peoples day-day.

    On a side note the video notes a paper suggesting increased similarities between MC and E-B pattern of injuries, and this across a set of other papers is disputed.

    We are, as I stated above, at an early time-point in data capture, and I suspect not caputuring (in the UK) E-B vs N-B crash statistics.

  • I think the argument that an e bike restricted to 25kmph and 250w is so different to a normal bike that it makes it dangerous is wrong. I don't think the difference is that significant, I think the extra acceleration from standstill may even be safer, allowing riders to pass through danger points more quickly, and the effect of makeing cycling more accessible to people will have an overall positive effect on population health.

  • The video is using what would be considered a moped in the UK for comparison.

  • That really sucks, I wonder if keyless ignition/ cutout would be a help although it obviously would be much nicer to not be in this situation at all...

  • I'll have a look at the Teddington place, I used to have step- throughs back in the 80's too so I'm no stranger to mopeds. I cycle into London most days albeit around 04 to 05:00 so if I was commuting the roads are virtually empty. I really don't want a bigger bike, I just love the look of the motorman.
    I'm lucky to be at a stage in life where I don't need anything, but if you want something (within reason) well life's too short .......
    Edit : just had a look at the Teddington shop , there's a wide choice but it does confirm that for me it's definitely the look of the machine !
    Just looking forward to the test ride now !

  • Fortnine is good stuff

  • Norway is going all in.


  • Someone in Scandinavia has made a electric zoomer, conversion was quite pricey from memory but rapid.

  • I have been thinking of doing the NC500 on one this summer for a video.

  • Has anyone got or been in a Nissan nv200 e van or a similar e van? Particularly interested in head space for big guys

  • Cool keep us updated 😎

  • Musk is a trash human but that thread is rubbish. No citations of facts or linking to more info on assertions re: Tesla.

    It’s a gossip piece that isn’t related to EVs.

    I personally think Musks time at the top of Tesla is limited though. He’s been removed from companies before.

  • Isn't the point of the thread that you need to buy his book?

    As an aside, I don't know how to pinpoint it but I hate that American style of writing, "cockroach", etc. It's like when they have to come up with these clever little phrases like *DemoCROOKS, Forty-five, or whatever. I remember reading a xenophobes guide to America as a kid and they described them as teenagers. Writing like that always conjures up the image of a tubby teen angrily typing while listening to slipknot surrounded by posits outlining what a bitch their mom is.

  • Had a quick test ride yesterday, was impressed with the build quality.
    Indicators aren't required.
    Pretty much decided I'm having one......
    The dealer is going to get back to me with a revised delivery price.

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  • Now imagine yourself with a helmet and leathers .

  • it looks quite small?
    did you get chance to try it on a road?
    did they explain what the registration process was, or show you a road legal example?

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Electric Vehicles EVs

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