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  • Its a licensing thing. Means you can ride it with a moped/AM licence from the age of 16. The upper limit is 45kmh.


  • I just like the idea I can ride on my car licence with no L plates . I'm not looking for speed just something to potter around on......

  • Yeah a bit pricey.....

  • Registration is £250 I believe, but I'll find out more details when I test ride .

  • i've been kind of half looking at e-mopeds for commuting on when i CBA to cycle, but £6k for this seems like a bit of a stretch...
    it'll be interesting to see what it looks like once it's got indicators, reg plate, mirrors, whatever other things are legally required to make it reg-able.

  • I'll get some pics, more info in a couple of weeks and post it here.

  • But why have all the bother of insurance, helmet parking etc .
    When you could buy an electric bike like the upcoming van hoof ?

  • fat e-bike.

    While it's in my head I'm pretty sure on-one / planet x fat bikes have awful resale - especially if you get the ones with pink tyres (presumably because fat bike tyres are so expensive).

    So if anyone is after a project...

  • I don't want a pedal assist E-bike, I've always wanted a classic looking motorcycle but cba with doing cbt and passing more tests etc.
    I'd probably kill myself or worse hurt someone else on a powerful bike.
    So potentially this fits the bill in more ways than one.

  • Would it be classed as a motorbike? It looks like an electric bike. Bike tyres, bike brakes, electric hub on the rear wheel

    (googled the manufacturer. yes.)

  • Is this (chargemap) just as a backup to the superchargers? Was planning a France trip with the family and was going to rely on superchargers and the UMC. Will have a look. Thanks ~ S

  • It’s super useful for localised charging. Superchargers are great for arterial routes but if you’re heading into more remote parts of France, they’re quick and easy options for a quick top up.

    The main reason I use Chargemap is my parents place is remote but also in a village where we don’t really want to park the car down a side road for too long as it could block residents.

    It was easier to top up whilst out and about then give it a small charge when back, than having to leave it constantly plugged in.

    They’re having a 7kw charger installed this year as we both have Model Ys now. I’m heading down next week but this was last year.

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  • same here, although i'd rather have something designed as a moped/motorbike than a crossover between an e-bike with bits added on to make it road legal.

    something like this - https://www.green-mopeds.com/askoll/espr­o-70-white

    although what i really want is an electric version of the honda ruckus

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  • Thanks that's really helpful. Also will order the 16A Blue Adapter from Tesla and the Schuko adapter from tough leads. Hopefully will have everything covered.

  • Electric Ruckus would be great, surely it's a matter of time before it happens.

  • Yeah I second the call for an electric ruckus. Went through a stage of wanting do a trip along the UK coast camping on a ruckus never sorted it out butte dream is still there

  • I think a few people have diy converted the ruckus, and there's a Canadian company that sells a converted version, but not available in the UK.
    (plus their version looks a bit shit)

  • Pretty classic looking?

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  • Yeah, good looking machine but getting into cbt etc

  • CBT isn't necessarily a bad thing, takes a day, costs £100, and can give you a good update on road sense (from a motorised perspective)

  • They have a 28mph and a 45mph version. Probably means the 28 is classified as a moped.


  • Personally I think the maeving looks excellent for posing and pooteling on.

  • Having just been to New York, the e-bikes there (very predominantly food/grocery delivery) are out of control. Too fast, no pedalling required - so essentially mopeds - but ridden like the most twat-ish of cyclists as in that first vid. Made me actually appreciate the limits on speed here.

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Electric Vehicles EVs

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