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  • Anyone have a Kia e Niro? They have great reviews

  • I do.

    Love it.

  • Me too. Great car

  • I'm picking up a 2020 Kona Electric 64kw tomorrow for daily EV duties...
    For logistical reasons I'm not eligible to get a grant for my home charger (which normally is available in Ireland) so I'll have to buy one out of my own pocket...
    I'm also currently installing a heat pump so I'm guessing I should be going for a smart charger with load sharing capability...

    Can anyone give me a recommendation for the cheapest untethered option that ticks these boxes? Bonus points for being small/ discreet... I'll be able to charge most of the time at work so the home charger won't be getting too much use...

    Will update on the drive home (210km) and day one of EV ownership after!

  • Have an EO charger, nice and discreet, think it does have load sharing within it. Went through the website for a quote and was the cheapest by a bit, just took a while.

  • Excuse the detritus of life

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  • That's a neat looking solution alright, I'll check them out!

  • Yeah, I'm really happy with it, the cable routing was a real bitch tho so basically doubled the cost of the install, if you have straighforward install, I've heard Rolec are pretty good and reasonable.

    Just seen this on their website which may be up your street.


  • I looked into these and they look perfect but sadly no load sharing capabilities...

  • Got it. Enjoyed the drive home immensely. 210km and 51% battery remaining on return home!

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  • Self driving car :)

  • Glad you've got a nice new motor. Very much less impressed with the taking of the photograph.

  • Extremely impressive lane keep assist actually, it takes care of a fair chunk of the steering while on motorway!

  • I'm going to test ride one of these in a couple of weeks, fell in love with the look of it.
    I can ride it on my car licence and I imagine the insurance will be cheap !
    It's made in Holland but the UK dealer is in Devon.
    If you Google Squire electric motorcycles you'll find more details.

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  • Ford F150 Lightning, looks impressive.

  • I’m in France atm, not as easy to find a fast charge .
    I thought I’d risk a quick top up with the granny lead via an adapter… I was aware I shouldn’t really , but I didn’t leave the house and kept an eye out .
    But it stilll melted the adapter and plug socket .Lesson learnt , I’ve ordered a proper adapter from tough leads

  • Oh this is quite handsome! I'm going to look them up now!

    Edit: Looked them up... no sign of prices? What's the damage on one?

  • Have you got a Chargemap card? They're invaluable in France and I found that there were many more charge points available than in the UK.

    Having said that, a tough leads cable is a must. I've got a 20m one with both a UK & EU plug so that I'm never stuck if we're staying somewhere without charging infrastructure.

  • That's a fucking ripoff surely. It's just a fat e-bike.

  • Weirdly this place is 5 miles from my house, and I have never heard of them!

  • I thought it a little steep, but I have no interest in eBikes so no idea what they cost.

    stated battery life of "50-65km" and a top speed of 45kmh.

  • top speed of 45kmh

    Chevrons >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Seems they prioritised wasting space where the engine would otherwise be instead of fitting a bigger battery.

    Also surely they're going to need indicators, mirror(s), brake light, etc. And I imagine you'll have to go through the hassle of registering it with the DVLA yourself since they're being sold in the UK by an antiques dealer who no doubt won't do that for you

  • Also surely they're going to need

    That I can forgive, they're sales images. Being sub 40mph, I cannot.

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Electric Vehicles EVs

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