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  • anyone else getting spammed by source london telling you their recent software migration has shit the bed and you may need to re-register all your payment details but you can't because their recent software migration has shit the bed?

    not a good look.

  • Car is great. Still working out bits and pieces of the tech stuff, but really nice to drive etc.
    Charger a fucking nightmare. Apparently 12th Jan is the soonest they can do it even though 3 week delay was them forgetting to progress it and have been really unhelpful. Very 'computer says no'. Had a full on rant at them today and have emailed the ceo to complain.

  • That’s daft. Offer still stands if you want the trickle charger…

  • Thanks - I'll pm you.

  • anyone else getting spammed by source london telling you their recent software migration has shit the bed and you may need to re-register all your payment details but you can't because their recent software migration has shit the bed?

    not a good look.

    It is at least genuine, despite looking for all the world like a phishing trip.

    Total shambles.

  • Also, with Source London, you still need to use old credentials to log into the app. What a shit show.

    Given that they hold my payment details I find this all quite concerning.

  • yeah everything about their online presence screams "my nephew decorated his own bedroom, sure he can build us a website!"

    annoying that there's not really an alternative.

  • id.3 turns up tomorrow.

    Seems to be a 50/50 chance of getting one that actually works though

  • Got this. Haven’t driven it yet, but a) it’s massive inside -total opposite of the Kona, and b) the electronics and layout are designed by the team that gave us Microsoft’s Zune

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  • Definitely grumpy at the moment with a house bound 8-year old (tested positive the morning we were supposed to be going up to Scotland). But. I think the id3 is a bit shit.

    It’s “ok” but the Kona was ok - and that was just a fairly cheap mini-suv where they’d pulled out the engine and stuck in a battery. VW have had years to come up with an EV designed from the ground up, but the id3 is as flawed as the Kona withiut the excuses.

    Seats are horrible, side visibility is a complete liability with massive A-pillars, and I fail to understand how 2.5-3 miles/kw is acceptable when 4-4.5 was easily achievable in the Kona.

    I find gadgetry just annoying, so I’m probably not the target audience. I don’t care about silly lights or keyless opening or voice activation. Get the basics spot on then tell me about that stuff.


  • Got a leaf and an E Up and getting about 3 miles/kW at the mo which is a bit pants, will jump back up to around 4 (5 for the up) come the warmer days. The biggest arse of it for md is charming speeds at the mo for doing the longer journeys. Hoping they improve drastically on later models.

  • @cookiemonster you may have just swayed me. I was seriously considering an ID3 but have heard so many conflicting opinions that I just don’t have much confidence in them!

  • Anyone got their hands on an Ioniq 5 yet? They look brilliant and top spec one has impressive range/ performance on paper!

  • You could try http://on.to; thats where mine is from. Availability is a struggle at the moment by they do come up. You can then rent/lease one on a rolling month contract and see that way. If interested, let me know I'll send you a referral code.

  • Saw a grey one in the flesh at the local b&q. Was very big but styling slightly less appealing in person (to me)
    Want to see the Kia ev6 myself.

    Hopefully on.to get either of them back soon as I need a new car.

  • Only had a test drive in one but I really liked it. Can see that the styling would be marmite. I liked the space inside, wasn't too cheap and plasticky. The one I drove had an average of 2.5m/kw but it just seems to be driven in laps around Colney Hatch Lane with people flooring it on the North Circular if they get a chance, so that probably isn't a surprise. I didn't expect to like it when I started out.

  • Booked a test drive in a Model 3 this weekend. Does anyone know if Tesla do finance if you buy direct? This the the first time I have ever even considered a nearly new car (I would buy used) and I have no idea what I'm doing!

  • @Soul has a model 3 I believe, so may be able to answer

  • I do. Actually ending my lease on it this month as I've got a Model Y being delivered next month...

    @andos - Tesla have four options to buy from them:

    1. Tesla loan - basic hire purchase
    2. Tesla finance PCP - like any other manufacturer
    3. Teal Personal Contract Hire - Just a lease but directly from Tesla, though you can also order from Tesla and sort out a 3rd party lease company and transfer your order before delivery
    4. Cash monies

    If you're building one on site, click on the grey bit at the bottom (below) and select 'personal' and it let's you play around with all those options to spit out payments needed.

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  • Sorry, just seen you're looking at used....

    I don't think they have much / any used inventory. It's all sold through.

    Used Tesla's are piss poor value right now because of the chip shortage. I bought mine for £49k a year ago and Motorway.com offered me £45k with 12k miles on it.

    Given the higher APR % on used purchases, you're better off going new...

  • Got my eye on the model Y . Let’s have a review when you get it.

  • Thanks @Soul do you know what the lead times are for new then?

    I know a few people who are having to wait till well after summer for new cars right now - and they are not buying remarkable cars at all.

  • They arrive from China once a quarter at the moment. Berlin Gigafactory won't be online until later in the year.

    Next shipment is currently in March. Build a 'custom order' on site and it will tell you the estimated deliver date under the model (in red below)

    @jv - will let you know how I get on.

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  • Nice, thanks. Says March 2022 but "Delivery timing may vary based on your configuration" - I'd likely go for Standard (can't see me needing Long Range capabilities) so I'd be at the bottom of the pile.

    I'll see what the Tesla place in Glasgow says when I head over for a test drive.

  • Used Tesla... check / verify battery condition.

    I've no idea how to do that, but have heard horror stories about the conditions of some and the costs to replace.

    Nowhere near as bad the guy who blew his up because of the cost... but still, replacing batteries isn't yet a cheap thing.

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Electric Vehicles EVs

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