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  • S0 the race is on - will the arrival of the electric car (ordered last week, due 15th Nov), beat the electric bike (ordered May 15th, eta still unknown). Bike should have been delivered to retailer last week according to the last of dozens of emails, but still no sign as yet.

    Slightly worried about how un-straightforward the charge point installation will be, but I guess they are used to all sorts. Imagine 'free' might end up being not so free in the end.

  • I've been charging using the 3 pin cable that came with the leaf but looking to get a charger installed soon, just waiting on the company giving me an install date, I also have a terribly un-straightforward install as well which really ups the price!

  • They're not doing it right - we want the LQ goddamnit!

  • Have replaced my i3 with an id3 this week... Onto forgot to order any i3's so I couldn't replace like with like... I absolutely loved the i3, the id3 feels like a massive step down in quality and design, but has a bigger battery... Maybe I will begrudgingly get to like it

  • Be interested to know how you get on. I’ve an id3 family coming in a few weeks (coming from a Kona)

  • I’ll be handing that Kona back in a month. It’s been a great intro to EVs. No stress with range and it’s done everything we’ve needed.

  • Cool - glad its worked for you, it was, for us, a really nice intro to EVs.

  • Tesla are trialling the opening up of their superchargers in the Netherlands right now.

    Probably won't be long before they roll it out elsewhere too.

    Sorry @Soul...

  • Yeah; it's been on the cards for a while. Something about US & EU competition and funding for green initiatives. Apparently it was possible to charge with a non-tesla in Germany at the beginning of this year - without paying...

    The plus is that they've committed to doing two things:

    1. Monitoring the usage and eventually bringing a way to prioritise access for Tesla owners
    2. Using the money generated to double the size of the charger network in the next three years

    So far, I've never had to wait at a charging station. The most I've ever seen them used was on the outskirts of Paris where 9 out of 12 stalls charging.

  • Efficiency of the Tesla is so impressive.

    7c average temp for a 115 mile trip (230 round trip) averaging 62mph over 4 hours. Pretty much 4 miles per kWh.

    That’s a little over 250 miles of actual motorway speed in cold weather. Including heated seats, charging my iPad / iPhone and pre-heating the car remotely before the return trip.

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  • Its so frustrating how good they are from an engineering standpoint but I'll never own a Tesla because of Musk.

  • He's a cunt, for sure, but you've got a VW.

    Pretty sure the leadership there are a shower of cunts with a history of literally poisoning the planet for £ - they're just not on Twitter.

  • That is awesome, I've a Leaf and E-Up and can only dream of that kind of efficiency at motorway speeds!

  • Yeah - I get that with ease with the Zoe around town but it plummets above 60mph.

    Nuts that I can just turn on autopilot, set it to 75mph and sit back.

  • Its the future!

  • I have leased and eNiro for a couple of years and it’s arriving this week. It’s been a very long time since I’ve owned a car and I’ve certainly never had one from new.

    So, I’m after some advice. I’ve found a comprehensive check list to go through once it’s delivered to check the car doesn’t have any issues etc, but I’d appreciate any pointers re paperwork and DVLA stuff with regards to taking ownership.

    Lastly, and I know everyone’s will be different, but approximately what are people paying in insurance for an EV parked on street in London.

    Cheers in advance.

  • New car day tomorrow which is exciting. However - the stupid cunts doing the charger installation that was also due tomorrow have now suddenly found (after much chasing) that they haven't actually progressed the order properly and have only just applied for DNO approval. They have no idea how long that will take and can't give me a date for the charger to be installed until they hear back.
    So fucked off. I'll have to use public chargers in the meantime which is going to be a massive pain - there are none particularly nearby that I can see on zap map (all at least 10-15mins walk). Was hoping to avoid, but do I need loads of different apps for different charging points? Closest seem to be a podpoint in Lidl and a couple of ubitricity street lamp ones.

  • No way you can charge from a household socket until then? If you're desperate, I can lend you a Tesla CCS to 13a socket granny charger and a 25m EV specific extension cable for a UK socket, that's waterproof.

    The Zoe should charge up overnight without any issues. It's only 52Kwh.

  • Yes - I can use a granny charger (though obvs wary of burning the house down stories!) but they don't come with one I don't think. I'll wait to see what the installer comes back with as a timescale after I put a rocket up them just now, but if it's going to be a while I will take you up on that - that's very kind! Or maybe that's something I should buy anyway.

  • Or maybe that's something I should buy anyway.

    Honestly, for a car like the Zoe with small range, the amount of time you'll actually use it (once you've got a home charger) is going to be precisely zero.

    It was super useful for us in the middle of France though.

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  • Good to know. No plans for intercontinental road trips in the Zoe!

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Electric Vehicles EVs

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