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  • Can you mix and match different batteries to best suit available space?

    No, you'll get really weird behaviour if some of the cells drop voltage faster than others.

    Are Tesla motors the way to go?

    Tesla components are an obvious choice, but they're not cheap cars and demand is high.

    Leaf's powertrain is limited to protect its battery, since it doesn't have liquid cooling, the cells are quite easy to repackage, easier to fit in a car than the Model 3's four subpacks for example. Ampera batteries were massively overbuilt for what the car needed, capable of really high output, but supply is getting rarer and a bit old.

    I think your next step needs to be working out the sizes and shape of the spaces left over when you remove the engine, exhaust, propshaft and fuel tank. Also, capture some CAN logs so you can work out what messages you need to keep the Subaru's dash and body-computer happy.

  • This is spectacular. Why didn’t you post about it before!

  • Yep Stella looks real interesting. Good work @Tijmen.

    Not such good work on the ‘she is easy to enter’ etc.

  • I don't need it to be 4wd to be honest but I would really really like to keep it 4wd and the obvious performance benefits of twin motors makes it a pretty exciting prospect...
    The idea I have is to achieve a similar result as I had been planning with the 1UR swap but in an EV if possible...

    @Libraio @Emyr
    I certainly appreciate it won't be cheap, I've seen LDUs on eBay for around €5,000-ish so it wouldn't be long adding up but I also would hope that I can manage the cost a bit better than just going out and buying a kit... I'd almost wonder would it be worth considering buying a very cheap Model S as a donor even?

    In terms of housing the batteries I was actually thinking of possibly building a new floor for the car to make a sort of DIY skateboard chassis similar to the Model S one?
    I've got a bunch of ideas at the moment basically but need to try and get a bit of direction to see how it might work out? I appreciate it's an ambitious notion but I don't see the point of doing it if it wasn't going to be a good job...

  • Great to see this... 👏

  • Has anyone mentioned this?https://youtu.be/DxxaHYlCuN8

  • Incredible work!

  • Is this thread just for actual EV vehicles,
    also for the emerging technologies?

    Magnax axial motors offer space and resource efficiency
    and improved power density.

  • His book is good, as is his Honda S600/1000.

  • I subscribed to him when there was a dearth of Binky to watch.

  • Test drives done. Very much liked the zoe. E up! was fine but feels pretty old in spec comparatively - though obvs considerably cheaper. Id3 lead time - next November, lol.
    Decision will probs come down to price vs availability now - not sure there are any up/mii/citigo actually available.
    Sales fella said he has had people waving cash at him to buy the test cars and sold 7 ev's in a day 2 weeks ago during the petrol crisis.

  • We've got a Zoe - done around 9k miles in it now. I really like it.

    It's definitely not as fancy as the Tesla, but the tech is passable (CarPlay etc), it's great for short / medium journeys and has plenty of space for 2 adults, 2 kids.

    The only thing I don't like is the lack of seat height adjustability.

  • Yes - it seems like a really good balance of size, range etc. What spec have you got? Wondering whether gt line is worth it over iconic.
    Given our current car is a 12 year old s-max, the tech seemed like a spaceship - screens, USBs, reversing camera, no cd player!

  • That's quite the project!

  • Ours is the GT Line. It’s a company car lease through my wife’s work so was pretty negligible cost between the two.

    Didn’t test drive one before it arrived (thanks pandemic) so no idea what the iconic trim level is like….

  • Ta.

  • Do EVs have an oil system for cooling lubrication like a ICE?

    I had a nasty crash yesterday in the rain on a road with a huge streak of diesel and engine oil likely from a bus. There was a good 1000m streak off it around the roundabout and then up the road.

    My immediate thought was I can't wait until EVs become more commonplace and roads don't get coated in oil / fuel which eventually runs off into environment.

  • EVs have gearboxes full of oil just like other cars, although much smaller as there's only two cogs.

    They also have coolant to keep the battery cool while fast charging - and heavy-footed fast discharging - which also circulates through the electrical control boxes. They usually don't have a huge delicate radiator up front waiting to be bashed like ICE cars.

    Diesel is far worse for making roads slippery. Engine oil is too thin and just soaks in. Not sure about gearbox oil.

  • Somehow managed to pick up two fucking punctures in as many weeks. One a screw, the other some rando metal spike.


  • Fucking electric cars eh!

  • 8 years of owning a Land Rover - not a single fucking one.

    Stupid hippie mobiles.

  • Trigger being pulled on a Zoe. Bit more pricey than the up, but enough bigger to just about cram the whole family in when needed, better range, nicer inside and, well, just a bit fancier. Found a deal with a year's free insurance, free breakdown cover and a free charger + installation which brings it a fair bit closer to the best up deal. And available in 2 weeks rather than 3 months.
    Family wagon will be relegated to tip run, family holidays, university delivery service, etc.

  • Nice. We use our a lot for journeys up to 50 miles each way and it's great.

  • Yeah - thanks for the bits of advice. Excited about it. Now to see whether it'll get here before the e-bike we ordered in May.

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Electric Vehicles EVs

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