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  • Worse than thin, I was genuinely surprised just how poor it is.

    I live on a quiet crescent so could go ghetto. In Canada they have high arms to deliver cables to keep traditional cars batteries alive when it’s very cold, seems less problematic than a floor solution.

    All this is definitely pushing me towards a plug in hybrid. Especially as we’ll only have one car and currently have a people carrier 🤦🏼♂️

  • A gigafactory to make EV car batteries is the top story on @BBCr4today. Every single question was business oriented, there wasn't one single question about the environmental impacts. Despite the requirement of 30% less driven miles by 2050 to meet our Paris Agreement obligations.


  • You came to the big 'wade and didn't even say hello, unforgivable. Car looks very slick by the way.

  • Ha - it's only 20 mins up the road so we pop there fairly regularly for stuff. Picking up a FloGas bottle for the pizza oven yesterday... I'll let you know next time I'm popping there on the GS.

    Still love the look of the Model 3. Looks even better now we've had the rear tinted and got rid of the ugly plastic plates. This gen aero wheels also look so much nicer than the 1st gen.

  • I'm just joshing, but being here a few months I can now offer a decent cup of tea. Maybe like a few people, in the last few months an EV feels pretty appealing as an everyday vehicle. Once I let go of the notion my car has to be performance orientated or a 'drivers car' that helped. My other half is currently learning to drive so suspect we'll seriously consider going the EV route if we share a car with something shiny and paid on tick. Having said that, obviously a Model 3 ticks both the EV and performance boxes.

  • Even the standard range Model 3 accelerates better than most ICE cars. The LR we have will do 0-60 in 4 seconds flat and will still make your head hit the headrest at 80mph if you floor it.

    We've also got a Renault Zoe and I've been impressed with how good that is for the money (it's around £20k cheaper than the Model 3 new...). Decent interior / tech for the price and a 200 mile range on local roads.

  • Get a Polestar if you want a driver's car EV.

  • I wish we could, but thinking about it I'd be keen to still drive an estate. Having a quick search online, are estate EVs not really a thing yet?

  • The only proper EV estate is an MG and it looks a bit pokey to me. The Model Y is sort of an estate.

    Oh yeah and the Taycan and whatever the Audi bollocks is called.

  • Thanks, I should really know this as watched almost every episode of The Late Brake Show. Porsche EV on the drive, might be a few years off but a nice thought nonetheless.

  • I think estates have been superseded by suvs, which is all very annoying. The Kona I have at the moment seems much physically bigger on the outside than my old A4 avant, but has a fraction of the space on the inside. An inverse tardus

  • EVs will do little to improve urban air quality, as most of the harmful particulates that cause cancer, Alzheimers, respiratory disease and cardiovascular disease come from the brakes and tyres. They won't solve congestion and road deaths either.


  • I drove a Taycan recently (The showroom manager offered, it was rude to refuse), obviously its rapid, quiet and very spenny. Just what I expected from a £120k EV. Apparently its been a record year for Porsche sales...

  • There is a dusty pink one on autotrader that I am inexplicably liking.

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  • ^^Porsche North America have sold 259 more Taycans this year than they have 911’s.

  • Yes this has been covered in the vanilla car thread, go whine there.

  • Schlepped to the other side of Bristol and back with a brief detour to visit the 'rents. Left on a full tank, 30 minutes of 50kw top up at a grim Travelodge on the way in and got back with 100 miles to spare.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • I’m guessing it’s not dusty pink…

  • What am I doing wrong?

    Absolutely nothing?

    Or possibly, not having it in sport mode and blatting along the M4 at 95mph

  • I trust you had adaptive cruise and lane follow assist turned on, for the full hands-off, level 2 autonomy experience?

  • i was just expecting to limp over the line. Always worth remembering you're not burning fuel while you're idling on the M4.

    old habits.

    tell you what tho - the fancy shmancy cruise control / lane assist action makes for a breezy day on the roads. Native satnav is fucking awful tho.

    /edit - o snap.

  • Yeah native satnav goes in the sea. Android Auto ftw

    If only you could replace the AA logo with a clock or something else useful.

    I might just buy a stick on clock that I put on the screen.

  • the fancy shmancy cruise control / lane assist action makes for a breezy day on the roads

    So much this.

    Have you been brave enough to go hands free til it gets angry at you?

  • i think i found myself apologising to it more than once.

    and a sunroof! it has a sunroof! you know, for the sun!

  • anyway - trying an overnight charge. hope all my cable shit is still there tomorrow morning. why are the tethered Source link-up jobbies so shit?

    roll on the day when they standardise all this proprietary nonsense.

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Electric Vehicles EVs

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